Karylle savors her happy ever after: “I love it! I just love being married.”

IMAGE Mark Atienza

Karylle on being happily married: “It's fun kasi you have someone talaga who is always with you. My husband is my favorite person. I just like that we're always together.”

Karylle, the daughter of Divine Diva Zsa Zsa Padilla, compliments Dra. Vicki Belo on her 25th anniversary in the beauty industry.

She blurts out, “She's actually very sweet. She gives the best gifts!”

Karylle has been married to Sponge Cola frontman Yael Yuzon for just over a year. At the recent Belo Polo Cup 2015, we ask her how she likes married life, so far.

“One year plus. It's been nice working together; we did a really good concert in Abu Dhabi and that's something we wanna pursue," Karylle begins.

“His band, my band, and then somewhere along the way during the concert, we sing songs together, it's kinda fun.”

The two will have concert in Qatar later this month. Karylle also keeps busy with a solo career.

“I just launched my new song, 'Can't Shut Up.' It is about my husband who is the most madaldal person you'll ever meet, more madaldal than me," she says.

“Super madaldal that's why he writes so much music 'cause he has so many stories to tell!”

WEDDED BLISS. She gushes about married life.

"I love it! I just love being married.

“It's fun, kasi you have someone talaga who is always with you. My husband is my favorite person. I just like that we're always together."

She lists the qualities she loves about her husband.

“He's not maarte about anything.

“He's cool with anything and everything. If there are things na parang mahirap, we try to figure them out, or we laugh about them.”


She's been married a little over a year now, yet Karylle still has the glow of a newlywed. She and hubby Yael live in a condo—just the two of them.

“We have learned how to live like normal folks. It's not simple or easy. You just have to work together. It's kind of like training for when you have your own kids.”

BABY PLANS. Every married couple gets asked when they plan to have kids. Karylle admits babies are not far from their minds.

"Wala pa, but everyone is thinking that I am pregnant because we just celebrated our first anniversary.

“You know how it is in the Philippines. I'm just happy that everyone is excited for us to have kids. I am, as well.

“So we're just pretty much preparing for that, para any day na the kids come, we're prepared, we're ready," she says.

Are they the type of couple who obsess about getting the house kid-ready and child-proofed?

Karylle quips, "Not yet, but ‘di ba the baby is just a baby?

“How much space do they take up? People keep asking us if we are getting a baby-ready car. I was like, how big is the baby?"

SUPPORTIVE FAMILIES. Karylle maintains that settling down to married life was a breeze.

“Adjusting has been fun because we have really supportive families.

“He has supportive parents, I have supportive parents," she says.

“I like that everyone is trying to give us their two cents' worth. It's very nurturing.


“'Di naman sila pushy or anything. Everyone is just perfectly supportive.”





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