Tom Rodriguez reveals his artistic side

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Tom Rodriguez talks art: "When you look at the big picture, it looks so beautiful. But when you look up close, at the mathematics of it, at the physics of it, when you look up close, you really see the sign, the seal of the Maker in every brushstroke."

Not many people know that Tom Rodriguez has a talent for art.

Will he hold an exhibit like fellow Kapuso artists Heart Evangelista and Solenn Heussaff?

In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during the Belo Polo Cup 2015, he confessed, "I've been offered many times pero siguro duwag lang talaga ako, e.

''I have my own personal dreams when it comes to art, kasi my background is digital animation, videogames, illustration, books and stuff like that."

Is he aiming for something like a Pixar movie or an animation short?

Tom revealed, "Something like that.

''I'm putting together do you call this, a production pipeline for a practical motion capture, practical rendering, mga ganoon, so hopefully I can fully develop that pa."

CREATIVE PURSUITS. The Kapuso heartthrob that has girls screaming his name every year at the Cosmo Bash is not just a pretty face and nice bod.


"I also do a lot of storywriting...fantasy, fiction, mga ganoon, so I'm writing a few things right now and I'm illustrating them as well," Tom said.

''It's just a personal hobby, but I like it that I can go out and be creative on my own personal time."

Personal hobby or not, we tell him the public would love to see his artwork.

He explained, "Kasi the place where I'm living in now, hindi sumisingaw yung oil, e.

''And oil is my medium of choice talaga.

''So when I try [painting], nahihilo talaga ako sa turpentine.

''So in this new condo I am moving to, there's a balcony.

''Doon ako mag-o-oil paint para mas maaliwas. The smell goes out, and I'm hoping to do a lot of oil paintings. So maybe then!"

DIGITAL WORKS. His Instagram account features a lot of his digital work.


He said, "Kasi medyo mahihiya ako kung yung digital artwork, although I'm not knocking off digital naman.

''Kasi yung skills na kailangan mo, all the principles, pareho pa rin sa digital art and in the traditional medium."

When he finally holds an exhbit, he hopes to show "something in oil, so when people look at it up close, they can see every detail.

"Like, if I choose to do impasto, na really bold, makikita mo yung kapal ng paint... the brushstrokes, the texture, and vivid colors.

"When you look at an artwork from far away, it looks like an illustration, a painting, but when you zoom in really close, you'll see the evidence of the maker."

He described his artistic perspective. "When you look at the big picture, it looks so beautiful. But when you look up close, at the mathematics of it, at the physics of it, when you look up close, you really see the sign, the seal of the Maker in every brushstroke."


COMEBACK WORKOUT. The talented artist admitted that he needs to work out again.

"Ay naku, I just started lang ulit.

''Ngayon may target's my fault talaga. After Bench [fashion show], and I really worked hard for that one, I kinda took time na sabi ko, enjoy ako muna.

''I ate whatever I wanted, did whatever I wanted, I didn't work out, and ngayon I have to remedy that. Kasi napansin ko it's too much. I can't be this way anymore.

"Yun nga, I am enjoying my other vocation, my other passion. Nane-neglect ko na yung body ko which is not right din."

We asked him about his workout routine, and he shared, "Usually, I do supersets because I wanna target the entire body, kasi I don't like na one will overpower the other.

"I've studied a lot of anatomy from drawing, so mahilig talaga ako sa proportion.

''I want a proportioned body, I don't want too big, I don't want too small, yung sakto lang. Lalo na in this industry, I want to be just right, hindi yung sobra-sobra."


PERSONAL GROWTH. What are his plans for 2015?

"I just really want to explore and learn,'' he said.

''Ako, I'm such a... yung acting career ko is infantile, compared to my contemporaries who I really look up to, sila Dennis [Trillo], sila John Lloyd [Cruz].

''Those actors talaga honed their craft na, their body of work...Yun yung gusto ko."

Even though he is a certified Kapuso leading man, this multi-faceted hunk feels he still has a lot to accomplish.

"Sobrang layo pa, I have so much to learn. I am lucky that I've had the pleasure of working with, and learning from good actors.

''Kaya hopefully, 'yan yung dream ko, to keep learning, to keep growing, not just as a person, but also an artist."





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