Victor Basa is comfortable with his understated fashion style: “I am not flamboyant.”

Victor Basa on his fashion style: ''I'm more quiet, mas understated yung mga choices ko sa fashion."

Victor Basa, who has another TV show with GMA, is keeping busy these days, promoting an upcoming movie, his blog and his triathlon races under team Ford Forza.

While these activities will pretty much take up his whole year, he's still open to becoming an events organizer.

He remarks, "Who knows? Maybe I will start organizing events, if this goes well."

"This" is his Pop Up Bar, his project as one of the AXE Black ambassadors.

His bar underlines the "no-frills drink."

He says, "I won't explain what the ingredients are because I'm sure your discerning palettes would know what's in it.

"The drink is especially tailored and we call it the Black Flag."

Victor interjects that while liquor is served at the Pop Up Bar, it's best not to drink and drive.

He stresses, "We have a new law which I support; I'm very happy na may ganoon na."

Picking up from his no-frills drinks, he explains his Pop Up Bar concept. It focuses on a man who "likes good quality in different aspects of his life. Like he knows where to find the best whiskey in town."

He says his bar "is like a speakeasy, a chic bar, not like the numerous establishments that have already opened."

Victor is thrilled that the Pop Up Bar is going around the metro, and will just pop up somewhere unexpectedly.

He is inviting everyone to watch out for his Pop Up Bar which he has christened Explorer's Social Club, where he "hopes we can explore inner and outer space together."

FASHION. The guy, who usually dresses up when he attends presscons, says his fashion is the opposite of flamboyant.

''Understated yung mga choices ko sa fashion, and minsan nagpa-pocket square ako, pero minsan minsan lang yun!"

Victor now sports a new military-cropped hairstyle.


He explains his buzz cut, "Ah yeah, I recently finished shooting a movie called Mandirigma where I played a Marine. Nag-Marine ako!"

He adds, "Akala ko pupunta ako sa barber shop to get a haircut, pero doon mismo sa Ternate, Cavite, doon ako ginupitan."

Actresses like Natalie Portman and Demi Moore have had their heads shaved on the set while filming a movie.

"Parang The Royal Tenenbaums where Luke Wilson has a melt-down and shaves his head. That explains my new look."

He says his new look has certain advantages: it's perfect for the summer heat, and it's wash and wear.

"I'm really happy now kasi when I get out of bed, ang bilis, e.

'''Di mo na kailangan... i-akyat yung buhok ko. 'Di ba, yung uso ngayon, yung iaakyat? "

Is there a reason for his new look other than he needed it for a movie? Is he going through a phase in his life?

Recently, he and Divine Lee confirmed their breakup on (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

He winks and answers, "No naman, I would say na less effort, more style. It's making the right choices, sticking to the essentials, less frills.

''Mas simple, pero I don't want to say sophisticated kasi it's such a snobbish term, e. But mas ano, parang concise."





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