Kris Aquino reveals requirements before endorsing a product

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Why brands love Kris Aquino? The Kapamilya star said she's a loyal endorser.

Kris Aquino has consistently been one of the country's top endorsers.

From shampoo to body wash to cakes to milk to fabric conditioner to telecom to mobile to fastfood chain to L.E.D. bulb to various appliances—majority of the products we know are actually associated with Kris.

Her most recent venture is with LBC, a courier service provider.

She was launched as its very first endorser on May 20 at the Green Sun Hotel in Makati City.

We wonder how picky is she when it comes to endorsing brands. Does she ever say no?

Kris revealed her three reuirements:

First, "As an endorser, I always make sure that the brand I partner with is trustworthy. I really trust them."

Second, just like what most endorsers had claimed, she really uses the product.

"Ginamit ko na kasi I did not want na nag-e-endorse ako ng something na hindi totoo. Para may proof ako na 'eto talaga..."

She thenshowed the mobile-captured photo of her shipping card to the reporters.

The Kapamilya host-actress explained, “Totoo siya with my name and everything, ginamit ko kasi mahal mag-ship dahil mabibigat ang mga libro.

"May mga coffee table books ako na inorder na dun [ibang bansa] manggagaling.

"Nagustuhan ko lang din kasi yung huwag mo lang ipadala, ipadama mo with love."

Third, "I am proud to represent a company that the people I work with are really reliable.”

Kris related the survey she did before agreeing to endorse the courier service provider.

“Actually, my staff have family in Negros and a lot of them also have family in the Visayas area. And every time they ship, they use it.

"So, I took a survey just to make sure that the quality of the service given by LBC is really reliable, and my staff really been using it."


And her guarantee to the brands she endorses? Loyalty.

"Actually the person who is the reseller that I order a lot of shoes coming from New York was using the competitor"

"I said, 'I am not gonna be your client anymore if you still use the competitor,' so you better make it to LBC.

"And yung orders that I placed were seven pairs of shoes, pasensya na."

The Kapamilya star also mentioned the practicalities of using a courier service.

“No offense sa customs natin na if you bring it [packages] in here, it’s [cost] like 300 percent.

"And of course sa laki na ng BIR [tax] na binayaran ko..."

Aside from tax, weight matters to her.

"Siguro naman kung mag-shipping cart ako, kasi, I’ve used box na kasing-laki ko because they told me na kapag sea, there is no weight limit.

"There were boxes na when I shoot the pictorial are as big as me so you can expect na pupunuin ko yung box.

"And we’re building a new house right now and a lot of my kitchen supplies are going to be coming in na, no limits of weight."

One reporter asked: will she use a courier service provider to send a special gift to a former ex-boyfriend?

She candidly replied, "Parang feeling ko, regalo na enough na kasama niya ako," referring to her upcoming movie with Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista.





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