Daniel Matsunaga on his lovelife: “Ang puso ko masaya."

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Despite the good feedback he got doing his dramatic stint in ABS-CBN's Two Wives, Daniel Matsunaga wishes to tackle action and romcom roles soon: “Siyempre, gusto ko yung soap parang warrior, warrior-type kasi gusto ko ng mga fight scenes, mga ganoon, mga action. Kahit rom-com, puwede rin!”

Riding a wave of blessings is probably an apt description for Daniel Matsunaga now.

The Brazilian-Japanese model/endorser/actor has billboards on EDSA and other major thoroughfares plus strong TV presence through guestings and a steady stream of event bookings.

He says, “I'm very thankful, masaya kasi ang daming blessings coming into my life.”

After his stint in the teleserye Two Wives, he remarked, “Sa taas ng ratings, we had a lot of really good comments from the bosses of ABS, siguro tuluy-tuloy yung trabaho after that.”

Based on his social media accounts, there's hardly a week that Daniel doesn't book various gigs and engagements.

We chatted with him when he was launched as the newest LINE PH ambassador, a social media app to keep in touch with friends and fans using extremely cute emoticons.

Right now, he is looking forward to a fitting follow-up to his soap opera stint in ABS-CBN.


We told him that before emerging as the winner in the Pinoy Big Brother: All In, he has already gone round the block, having worked in both GMA and TV5 already.

He laughed and humbly said, “Hindi naman. I tried all and siyempre masaya ako ngayon kasi I'm happy kasi I was able to experience lahat.

“And at this moment in my life na nanalo ako sa PBB, at ang daming magandang nangyari sa buhay ko ngayon, I'm very happy sa ABS ngayon.

“I'm very happy with the projects they give me and the chances to be a better person.”

WANTS TO DO ACTION AND ROMCOMS. He said he doesn't want to get stuck in roles where all he does is speak in English.

Daniel revealed, “Siyempre, gusto ko yung soap parang warrior, warrior-type kasi gusto ko ng mga fight scenes, mga ganoon, mga action. Kahit rom-com, puwede rin!”

He pointed out that he's already done rom-coms during his stint in the other channels, but clarifies that in the Kapamilya channel, “Wala pa, wala pa.


Two Wives pa lang unang project ko doon. Puro iyak-iyak, away-away.

"Sana yung mga susunod na projects, sana mas masaya nang konti.”

He said he has already talked with actors in the rom-com genre for inspiration and advice.

“Ngayon, I'm talking to Erich [Gonzales] and Rayver [Cruz] from Two Wives, and they are very nice, very helpful...

“And siyempre mga directors, 'di ba, like Ruel Bayani, F. M. Reyes, they are good friends of mine now and they all give mga advice.”

WORKING HARD ON HIS TAGALOG. What advice did they give him?

Daniel flashed a huge smile and admitted, “Siyempre yung ano, yung Tagalog, yun ang pinaka-importante, 'di ba?

“I'm trying my best kasi mahirap, e.

“Apat na lenggwahe, minsan magulo pero I'm trying my best to speak as much as I can in Tagalog para mas malaking improvement!

“Sana sa susunod na project, puro Tagalog at kaya ko mag-deliver na walang accent!”


Even his own statement made him laugh and admit, “Mahirap, e!”

While the balikbayan accent may work to his advantage for now, Daniel realizes that he's also adamant about being typecast in such roles.

He added, “For now, yes, for now. Pero kailangan ng change, 'di ba? It has to change one day. Ayoko naman na mga limited role lang so sa future na lang.”

Despite the seemingly herculean task, Daniel believes that getting tutors would do so much in alleviating his plight.

PERSONAL PLANS. His other plans for the year include, “Improvements sa buong buhay ko, acting, Tagalog, workshops at guitar, boses, lahat, lahat na para sa bagong career ko sa showbiz, ganoon.”

We asked him how he feels about this clean slate in his showbiz career.

“Lalo pagkatapos nung PBB, 'di ba, after all the blessings I got to be the winner, kahit hindi ako Filipino.

“Filipino ako sa puso, 'di ba? Yun, everything is new and everything is a big challenge.


“So everything that is coming now, I'm really taking it and trying to work on it, and to improve.”

LOVELIFE. How about his lovelife? Is this something he is working on?

At the time of this interview, he has not really confirmed his relationship with Erich Gonzales, but he smiled and confessed, “Ang puso ko masaya. Masaya ako sa trabaho ngayon, focus muna doon.”

So mayroon na siyang girl in mind, yung nagpapasaya ng puso niya? “Sana soon, sana.”

With a little prodding, Daniel divulged the qualities he is praying in a girlfriend.

He revealed, “Siyempre, God-fearing, mabait, maganda, close to my family, ano pa? The rest, we work on it.”

So right now, we ask him if anyone fits into all his qualifications. He answered, “Mayroon naman, mayroon naman.”

So what is he waiting for? What is his “pero” moment?

He quipped, “Pero? Walang pero. No, wala pa, wala pa. In God's time..."






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