Andi Eigenmann and the way she transformed her "bodega" room

IMAGE Jervy Santiago

Andi prefers simplicity in her room design: "I made it like this on purpose, for it to be so simple."

Kapamilya actress Andi Eigenmann renovated her room for more space and aesthetic design.

To give you an idea on how it looks, we browsed through the pages of YES! magazine June 2011 issue.

For the overhaul of her room, which was described by her mom Jaclyn Jose as "bodega ng garapa," she got help from contractor Cecile Galang.

The contractor removed some beams so the loft could be used for more space. She also had the right wall painted with pink, Andi’s choice of color, in order to cover the graffiti—Andi’s doodles and messages from her friends.

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Andi shouldered the cost of the renovation and new furnishings, although she'sreally stingy.

Andi told YES!, "My mom wanted me to buy a new aircon pa nga. I didn’t want.

"That’s waste of money! She just forced me to buy a bed because my old bed—I didn’t have a bed.

"All I had was a couch that was butas. The spring was coming out… Hahaha! I’m so kawawa. So, I sleep on the floor."

Apart from the room design, YES! magazine also featured Andi’s closet, it’s the loft that used to be the bodega for Jaclyn’s old stuff.

During the renovation, mother and daughter decided to build shelves Andi’s wardrobe.

The shoes have increased in number not only because Andi is an impulse buyer but also because she needs them for work.

She admitted to buying “’yong type of shoe na kailangan ko,” and added, “I just make sure na wala akong pair of shoes na alike. And when I feel like it belongs to me, I will buy it.”

Original article by Candice Lim-Venturanza

Photos by Jervy Santiago

Read the original article in the June 2011 issue of YES! magazine. To download a digital copy of YES! Magazine, visit Summit Newsstand at






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