BOOK REVIEW. Four reasons why Life According To Tita makes a lot of sense

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One of Summit Books' latest offering is a compilation of tweets from @TitasofManila. It's called Life According To Tita.

There's a tiny blue book that's currently all the rage among 28 to 40-something-year-old ladies.

It’s called Life According to Tita, which is based on the tweets of @TitasofManila, who is not exactly a tita because author Danielle Veluz is young.

It’s over 100 pages filled with wit and humor, reminders and realizations from a person who seems like our “kunsensiya.”

In showbiz, she’s like Tita Annabelle Rama, who’s known for constantly asking her guests, “Kumain ka na day?”

Or she can be like Manay Lolit Solis who’s pakialamera in a good way.

Here's to share some tweets that had us in stitches:

“(During lunch with kumares) Let’s order something light lang, busog pa ko eh!”

Guess what she ordered? Kare-kare!

Another sampler: “Eto ha emergency money para just in case. Pero wag mong gamitin.”

One more entry: "Picture picture! *after posing* Ay, wag ka sa gitna! (motions to other pamangkins) Halika sama ka sa picture!"

When asked why? She'd just say, "Basta bad yun."

This writer had one of the office interns read the book, and here’s what she had to say.

1. "Entertaining!"

Actually, sa OOTD (outfit of the day), matatawa ka na.

2. A lot of pamangkins and titas can relate to it.

3. It talks about practicality.

“Sarado mo yung ref. Sayang kuryente.”

4. It makes you remember and appreciate what your tita says and do.

So if your day is toxic, your life is stressful, may pinagdadaanan, grab a copy now for only 175 pesos. It truly is an instant breather!





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