Patty Laurel-Filart on pregnancy: "It's worth celebrating because it's seeing how strong a woman is..."

Jun 2, 2013
Model/blogger Patty Laurel-Filart on motherhood: "It's the celebration of womanhood so for me, to see someone pregnant, that's like, 'Girl, I wanna cheer you on, that's what I feel also now.'"

Celebrity wives and moms belong to a certain category of awesome.

Take Patty Laurel-Filart, for example.

Aside from juggling several projects as a host, model, teacher, wife, and lifestyle blogger, she is also preparing to give birth to a baby boy. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) chatted with Patty during the Watsons Celebrity Switch & Save event in Watsons SM The Block North EDSA.

Picking up a stash of wet wipes from her favorite aisle, she commented, "Eventually, when I become a mom, 'etong wet wipes talaga, it's something that will be helpful for me...

"Moms with kids with sticky fingers and everything, 'di ba?"

She added that her husband is glad that she's so practical and budget-conscious, “He knows me. A lot of people, my friends know that I am really the kuripot person but I take pride in it.

"I'm more sensible in my purchases, like you can still enjoy the luxuries if you save a bit more.”

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INFANTICIPATING. Patty has been married for two and a half years, and is expecting her first child with her husband Patrick.

It's been a busy season for the growing Filart household as the couple are currently doing house renovations, and preparing for their transition into becoming parents.

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To prepare herself physically, Patty said she's been doing prenatal yoga at One Life Studio, "That's what keeps me, it's my me-time.

"Of course it's exercise, I don't do it everyday though.

“More like once a week at least, because it can't be too strenuous din.

"But it's just a way for me to keep in touch with my body, and be healthy and make sure I am breathing properly and being calm."

The expectant mom has a 32-week bump that is barely noticeable, “Sabi nila, one day, biglang gagano'n na lang [gestures a full-blown tummy], the last hurrah.

“I’m just putting everything in order with my husband."

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PREPARATIONS. For all the length of her to-do list, Patty said she doesn't have a hospital go-bag yet.

"But I have the essentials already, I mean I'm just very blessed because I have a good mommy support group.

"All of my friends are moms. It's nice to have encouragement and they're like, 'Sleep as much as you can, because when the baby comes out, you won't be able to sleep.’

“So I'm just taking it a day at a time, just enjoying this pregnancy and all the moving around."

She admitted getting into eating binges.

"I won't lie, I have my indulgences, I'm not completely 100 percent healthy.

"I mean, I wish I could be the perfect super organic mom and I try to eat mindfully, but there are days when I just want a cupcake."

As she started to describe her favorite cupcake, her eyes twinkled, "If I see a nice cupcake, I'll be like, 'Oh no! That cupcake is saying hello.’

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“And then after, I feel guilty so I try to balance it with vegetables and fruits, as if it cancels out. But I guess it's a philosophy."

She revealed justifying her sweet tooth by cutting out chips and soda from her diet.

"You try your best, each mom really has the best intention for their child so, I mean, I don't wanna put crazy, impossible expectations.

"I just want to ask God for his help and just do the best I can every day."

CRAVINGS. She's also glad she has busted for herself some misconceptions about pregnancy now that she's going through it herself.

Patty revealed, "Before, I thought that yung paglilihi, it only happens probably to a few people but, wow, I remember one night at 10 p.m., I was like nakahiga sa kama.

"I wanted taho, and my husband was like, 'It's 10 p.m., where are we gonna get taho, and we live in a condo?'

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"I said, 'I'm gonna die if I don't get taho,' and it hit me, 'Wow, this is what everyone has been telling me, it's in your head, if you don't get taho, you're going to die.'"

Patty stressed though that each pregnancy story is different, “It's nice when you hear stories from different moms. 'Oh, you went through that too?' I'm not crazy, it's nice to get a glimpse of a different experience."

ADJUSTMENTS. Patty further said that preparing for the arrival of their baby boy has come with many adjustments for both her and hubby.

She related, "I think it would be difficult for me to plot out how my life would be, because I don't know how it will be.

"They say when the baby comes, your life just changes.

"What I'm determined to really do is just make our baby our top priority, no questions asked.

"My husband and I, we have managed without a helper throughout our two years and a half of marriage."

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She added she's grateful for the community of support.

Patty acknowledged, “I’m also well aware that there'll come a time when I know I'll need help, so I'm telling my mom, my in-laws, 'Guys, we need the whole tribe to raise this baby!'"

Mindful of the effort of moms who somehow manage to do everything on their own, Patty said, "I respect moms who can do it all on their own.

“But I think there will come a time when I'll be in a situation where I’ll need help, and I have the best support system so I'm gonna take advantage of my friends and family!"

SUPPORT GROUP. Here, her community of fellow multi-hyphenate moms comes into play.

She confessed, "It helps to have encouragement and people to cheer you on, and we're selective about staying with a small group but positive people.

"So I mean, it's hard enough to be a parent, so instead of being surrounded by negativity or judgement, it's nice to be with people who cheer you on."

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Having been married for quite a while before starting a family has helped her as well as the fact that for much of their marriage, they’ve been surrounded by friends who are raising families.

She said this has made her more ready and prepared.

Patty beamed, "Definitely, I think both me and my husband are very lucky 'cause on his side, he has a lot of guy friends who are also family-oriented. For me also, my friends.

"I think it's also the perfect season, like God made it work out at the perfect time.

"Kung kaming dalawa lang, 'di namin kaya talaga."

NAMING THE BABY. They'll reveal the name of their baby soon, and their choice will be more of a spiritual one versus going with what's popular this year.

Patty also shared that becoming pregnant is really a spiritual journey.

She narrated,”We always wanted to have a baby, and prior to this, I had a lot of things that I had to go through so it was really in our prayer life that we wanted this child to be part of our life.

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"So when it came, we said this baby has to know, has to have a name that will remind him of the story of this whole journey.

"We didn't want it lang na, 'Oh, it's cute, it sounds nice.'

“I want the child to remember how much we prayed for him through the name and when he gets older, he'll understand this is how it came to be."

She hastened to add though, “Of course, a name that sounded nice with Filart at the end has to be considered as well.”

SPOILED. The best part about being pregnant is that people are so nice to her and that her husband has become extra-caring.

She quipped, "I'm like, sana, I'm pregnant na lang all the time, like my husband never fights me, he's just always happy.

"'Wow, this works, we'll never ever fight because I'm pregnant, people at work are so considerate, too!'"

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Summing up her experience as an expectant mom, Patty said, "It's worth celebrating because it's seeing how strong a woman is, it's the celebration of womanhood.

“For me, to see someone pregnant, that's like, 'Girl, I wanna cheer you on, that's what I feel also now.'"

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Model/blogger Patty Laurel-Filart on motherhood: "It's the celebration of womanhood so for me, to see someone pregnant, that's like, 'Girl, I wanna cheer you on, that's what I feel also now.'"
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