Miguel Tanfelix, Bianca Umali, and the things they do to make loveteam work

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Miguel Tanfelix and Bianca Umali talk about how working together makes a positive difference in their friendship.

There is a science when it comes to finding and creating the loveteam.

They do need “chemistry,” right?

But like some charming loveteams in the industry today, the teamup of Miguel Tanfelix and Bianca Umali, they say, has a natural reaction.

“Close talaga kami,” Miguel told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in Mystery Manila Libis.

Bianca added, “And we’ve been working with each other for a long time na rin.”

Despite the wrap-up of their teleserye, Once Upon A Kiss, their friendship seems to have reached a new level of comfort.

Bianca remarked, “…Doing every single thing with the same person every time, it helps a lot e.

“Sa relationship niyo, on how you get along with each other, how you understand each other, ganyan, malaking bagay siya.

“Talagang magkakaroon ng importance sa ’yo ‘yong person na, it is gonna give the both of you a different connection.”

Proximity had also helped.

Miguel recollected, “…Simula pa noong una kasi, halos araw-araw talaga lagi kami magkasama.

“Araw-araw, may iba kaming bonding ginagawa ni Bianca.”

INTERESTS. The two have a lot in common.

Miguel and Bianca are an adventurous duo with mountain trekking, diving, and wakeboarding lined up in their to-do list this vacation.

They have also influenced each other with their individual interests.

Being a bit of a bookworm, Bianca has influenced Miguel into reading books.

“…I like dark and disturbing.” she said about her favorite genre. “Kahit sa movies, gusto ko.”

She recently watched the movie Human Centipede, and plans to watch it with Miguel.

“Siya [Miguel] hindi ko alam kung kaya niya, e. Pero ida-download ko 'tapos I’ll watch it with him.”

Miguel, on the other hand, has influenced Bianca to go back to wakeboarding.

“Before kasi, nag-we-wakeboard na siya. Nag-stop siya. So ako, gusto ko siya mag-wakeboard ulit.”


Bianca threw in, “In-influence niya ako magbuo ng Gundam [from the science fiction series featuring giant robots or "mecha"]. Kahit panglalake, masaya pala siya.”

FUTURE PLANS. What if the management decides to pair them with other Kapuso stars?

Glancing at Miguel, Bianca answered, “Pero we’re both open naman talaga, e. Pero sobrang saya kami as a loveteam.”

Their chemistry is truly palpable even when there are no cameras around.

And did you know they're planning to put up a food business together? But that's after finishing up school, of course.

For now, they enjoy doing things together, and influencing each other's choices.





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