Paul Jake Castillo and Kaye Abad: from barkada to "BFF"

IMAGE Karen A. Pagsolingan

Laughing, Paul Jake Castillo calls girlfriend Kaye Abad his "BFF": “Okay naman, we're good! We're friends, really good friends! Really close friends lang!"

Paul Jake Castillo didn't look like he was running on an injured leg when (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with him at the Merrell Capra Challenge some weeks back.

Prior to participating in the seven-course obstacle challenge at Bonifacio Global City's Track 30 venue, we spotted him chilling under the shade with girlfriend Kaye Abad.

Paul shared how he got his leg injury during the run leg of the Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 Philippines in Subic.

He recalled, “I started feeling the pain the night before, going up the stairs to my room sa hotel.

“Sabi ko, 'Shoot, 'eto na yun,' so tinapos ko lang talaga yung Ironman. Medyo masakit siya, pero kaya naman.”

To help his leg heal, Paul said he is going through self-therapy and doing lots of stretching. He remains active except for long exercises.

Since he's still training for upcoming triathlons, he's focusing on his bike and short runs.


For his swim, he said, “I'm not concentrating on my swim kasi okay naman yung time ko sa swim, so I'm focusing on bike and run.”

His next major competition will be the 5150 Subic Bay Philippines by June 2015.

He said, “I have no plans to slow down. I'm gonna keep on doing it.

“Actually, nagka-injury ako kasi I did a challenge and then the next week, I did the Ironman. That's both distances, same place in less than a month, so I guess my body took a toll.”

But aside from his triathlon goals, he'll concentrate on business.

BFF. PEP also asked Paul about the status of his relationship with girlfriend Kaye Abad, who admitted to being bitten by the fitness bug as well because of him.

Paul, in a cheeky manner answered, “Okay naman, we're good! We're friends, really good friends! Really close friends lang!

"BFF, gano'n. Pero okay naman.”


We asked him what he exactly meant by BFF?

He explained jokingly, “BFF lang! 'Eto lang, nag-start siya mag-run when we got together. Nilandi niya ako e, so...”

Kaye punched him playfully on the arm when he said this.

So what's their workout together? Is it all just running?

Paul answered while looking at Kaye, “Hmmm, workout together? Ano yung workout natin?”

Kaye, who was grinning the whole time during this conversation and with her eyes hidden behind giant shaded interjected, “Running, running lang, sleeping and eating!”

Paul laughed and agreed, “Yes! Eat, sleep, run, and repeat. Actually, we go to the gym together, we run together.”

Kaye clarified, “I don't usually go to the gym but because of him, sama ako.

“I became more active, kasi before hindi talaga, e.

Paul nudged her and said, “Oo, banda-banda lang siya dati. Mas ano, chill!”

This got another reaction from Kaye who poked him back and retorted, “Ay shush... Nagbabanda pa rin, yung brother-in-law ko kasi banda pa rin, at siya nagpu-produce siya ng bands so may show.”


Kaye previouly dated two musicians, Chito Miranda and Guji Lorenzana. Meanwhile, her sister Sarah Jane married Kamikazee front man Jay Contreras.

FUTURE WITH KAYE. Paul mentioned that one of his business interests is a production house in Cebu. Aside from that, he helps manage the family's perfume business

Since their scent is called Perfect Bachelor, we teased Kaye if the product aptly describes Paul as well.

She readily agreed, “Oo!”

As for his plans for the future, he said he has several lined up. We asked him if it includes not being a bachelor anymore?

“Oo, siyempre may plans 'yan, depende lang yun,” he admitted.

Depends on what? We pointed out that he already has someone who he works out with, and they keep their relationship very low-key.

Paul smiled and said, “Dapat lang low-key para 'di mahabol ng BIR [Bureau of Internal Revenue]! I'm just joking!”

Kaye added, in a more serious tone, “Ever since naman, never din ako pa-showbiz talaga.


“Hindi, kasi talaga, not for anything, hindi kasi talaga ako yung artista-artista, e.

“Sa lahat, magbihis, sometimes sasabihan nila ako na magbihis ako na artista.

“Gano'n lang talaga ako, at hindi rin naman ako talaga yung if may boyfriend ako, hindi ako yung pa-announce. Ako yung...”

We said, “suwabe?”

This had the couple laughing as it's the title of a song made popular by Kaye's ex-boyfriend in Parokya ni Edgar.

ROOTED IN FRIENDSHIP. So what does Paul like about Kaye?

Paul quickly answered, "Sobrang maarte niya e, 'tapos sobrang...

“Nah, I'm just joking. We started out as friends and ayun, nakilala ko siya. That goes vice-versa, alam niya yung kalokohan ko, lahat ng ano...”

Interestingly, Kaye admitted that she's older than Paul.

She shared, “Oo, older ako ng one year.”

Paul put on a surprised face and playfully asked, “Ano? I'm only 24. Ikaw, ilang taon ka na?”

Kaye punched him playfully before confessing, “Ay, two years, two years ba? Two lang! 'Di ba mas mukha akong bata?”


“Parang mas gusto niya na mas matanda ako tingnan sa kanya.”

Paul teased, “Cradle snatcher, e!”

Kaye revealed, “Kaya kapag nagbihis 'yan sinasabihan ko na huwag magbihis ng masyado pang bagets!

“Kasi mukhang ang bata-bata niya talaga! E, yung mga comments talaga ng iba, akala nila sobrang bata talaga.

"Grabe, two years lang naman... [their age difference].”

And what does Kaye like about Paul, aside from his being physically fit?

Kaye paused and looked at Paul, “Wow, matagal na kaming magkaibigan, Alyna [2010] pa lang.

“They used to tease us, 'Bakit 'di na lang kayo kasi magkasundo kayo, e?'

“Sabi ko, 'Di talaga, e. Friend lang talaga, yun lang talaga.'”

So how did their friendship transcend?

Kaye answered with a glint in her eye, “Nawalan lang kami ng choice sa isa't isa!”

Paul shoot back, “Last resort!”

Kaye added, “Yung parang, wala na e, 'di sige. Ikaw na lang, ikaw nand'yan, e.”


So their basis is really friendship?

Kaye answered, “Yes, friends talaga.

“Kumbaga nakilala ko siya kung ano siya talaga, hindi yung... yung walang pretension na nanliligaw siya because he likes me, that's why pakita mo yung good side.

“Alam ko, alam ko yung kalokohan, alam ko lahat, accepted na lahat yun, kasama sa package yun.”

So what is it about Paul that inspires her?

Kaye turned shy all of a sudden as she admitted, “Siyempre kasama na rin yun, haha!”

Paul added his two cents, “Kilig siguro? Kasi inaaway ko siya lagi! Nagpapakabait ako ganoon...”

Kaye offered her real answer while looking at Paul, “Ano ba?

“Kapag when he does little stuff na alam ko it's not him, yung alam mo hindi siya, yung may effort, kahit yung mga maliliit na stuff, so yun mga ganoon.

“Kasi mababaw lang ako na tao, e. Hindi rin ako yung kailangan extravagant, hindi ako high maintenance, kahit minsan. Yung mga maliliit na bagay lang.”


Paul sighed with relief and huffed, “Buti naman!”

How about Paul? What is it about Kaye that gives him “kilig moments?

He confessed, “'Di ako ma-showbiz na tao, masyado akong honest. Hmm, 'di ko masagot.

“What inspires me about her? Siya yung, like for example, 'eto, hindi ito lumalabas, a.

“Nadali din ako diyan, 'di na ako lumalabas. Tamang-tama din, yung dating lifestyle ko, wala na dahil sa kanya. Na-miss ko … 'di, joke lang.

“She doesn't like going out, ayaw niya ng maingay na lugar, so I guess..."

Kaye commented, “Sa age na 'ata yun, e.”

Paul added, “May feeling ako doon, late bloomer 'to.”

Kaye quickly confirmed, “Oo, late bloomer talaga ako!”

So does it mean what he likes about Kaye is her being a homebody? Or somebody he can imagine himself coming home to?

Paul laughed at this, “I guess, kasi dati I couldn't stay home, like stay lang. Ngayon, I stay home a lot, so I guess, na ano ako doon.”


Kaye gave a reason to stay home, is that it?

Kaye quickly butt in, “No, choice niya 'yan!”

Paul said with a gleam in his eyes, “Actually, pinilit niya ako, 'Diyan ka lang sa bahay ha? Huwag kang lumabas!'”

It seems to be doing them good that they're injecting this playfulness into their relationship, unlike other couples who stress each other out with their expectations.

Although Paul admitted, “Ako, ako ang stressful siguro dito sa relationship na 'to, aaminin ko.”

Kaye agreed, “Para kaming magbarkada talaga.

“Bihira mo kaming makikita na yung parang, as in yung nag-uusap talaga kami na parang barkada lang.”

So that means they resolve conflict quite quickly?

Paul answered, “Ako, hindi ako vocal na tao, so I guess, we'll have to fix it by, 'Oh, ako na,' ganoon lang.”





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