Saab Magalona still giddy over husband Jim Bacarro: "I never get tired of seeing his face!”

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Saab Magalona says she and husband Jim Bacarro plan to have a baby about three years from now. “We just wanna have fun...I just wanna travel first and be on our own.”

Hindi raw nagpahinga ang bagong kasal na si Saab Magalona sa kanyang mga trabaho.

“I’ve always been working,” aniya. “I just kinda had a break from TV.

“But I’ve always been writing for my blog, contributing for other publications.

“And I have a radio show coming up on JAM 88.3 [FM].

“I also have a band, we’re launching an album this July 3, it’s produced by Ely Buendia.”

May teleserye ba siya ulit na gagawin?

“Not right now. I think I like what I’m doing na hindi siya on TV.

“It’s more relaxed. And I’m actually doing a lot of different things.

“Because when I’m on TV parang the schedule is so crazy.

“Now I am able to do the things I love na marami, kasi the schedule is more forgiving.”

THINKING AHEAD. January nang ikasal sila ni Jim Bacarro. Kumusta naman ang nakaraang limang buwan ng kanyang buhay may-asawa?

“I think nothing big has changed. I think it’s really fun.

“I’m having so much fun. I think it’s because I married my bestfriend.”

‘Yong iba, nahihirapan pang mag-adjust agad-agad, gaano katagal bago nag-sink in sa kanya na Mrs. Jim Bacarro na siya?

“Well I think the most difficult part personally is learning how to budget,” tawa niya.

“Siyempre when it’s just me, I didn’t really care.

“But now we’re trying to save for the future kasi, you know, we have responsibilities tied to another person.

“You have to make sure that you have a good future ahead of you, especially when you have children, which will not happen soon.

“But once we do, we want to be prepared so I’ve been taking care of the budgeting.”

Bakit ayaw pa niyang magka-baby sila ni Jim?

“We just wanna have fun, mga three to four years muna. I just wanna travel first and be on our own.”


Saan sila nag-honeymoon?

“We went to Japan. But we’re going to Paris this October.”

Ilang kids ang gusto nila kung saka-sakali?

“Well, uhm… I don’t know. Definitely more than one, that’s all I can say.”

Anong mga bagong na-discover niya ngayong husband na niya si Jim?

“I discovered na I never get tired of seeing his face!” tawa ulit na huling nasabi ni Saab.





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