Make-up 101 with Yassi Pressman: "You need the right shade of everything."

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Yassi Pressman enjoys doing her own hair and make-up. How long does it usually take? "On a normal day, it would be five minutes."

You'll never go wrong with black.

Yassi Pressman rocked a chic vamp look at the 21st anniversary movie-inspired celebration of Dennis and Tessa Prieto-Valdes last July 7, in Sea Princess Palace, North Forbes, Makati City.

An event co-hosted by HOOQ, Philippines' newest entertainment hub for film and TV, Yassi detailed her OOTD (outfit of the day)

“I just shopped this today, actually.” Yassi told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) about her all-black get-up.

“So, this [skirt] is from my stylist in Eat Bulaga, Colleen.

“This [top] I just bought today.

“The shoes are from Forever21.”

For her make-up, she channelled the sophisticated version of Anastasia Steele from Fifty Shades of Grey.

Yup, she did her own make-up.

“I enjoy doing my own hair and make-up,” she remarked.

MAKEUP 101. Her favorite make-up essential?

“Lately, now, it’s been this tattoo eyeshadow. It’s from Maybelline.

“But I just discovered it ‘cause it looks like, parang, like a regular eyeshadow,

“But it doesn’t come off like it and when you put it on, you can’t really glide.

“So, just have to tap it in, so that simmer doesn’t fade.

“It’s been there since this morning. So, no retouch.”

When asked about basic makeup tips, Yassi gave two:

“For make-up, first of all, I think you need the right shade of everything,” she began.

“So that’s your foundation, that’s your powder,

“You don’t wanna go out with a darker face or whiter face.

“Proper shade of contour kasi ‘pag black naman, parang ugh, scary.

“Then, you don’t really need to focus on a lot of eyes, just mascara and lipstick.”


Check out more of Yassi and her love for fashion and make-up on her Instagram.





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