Angelu De Leon talks about soul-searching where "wala ka namang ma-search!” and her life's transition from empty to happy

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Angelu de Leon on the Bible verses and inspirational quotes she posts on Instagram: “It’s not about the religion, I always make it a hashtag [in my posts]—#relationshipnotreligion."

So much has really changed in Angelu de Leon since her Ang TV to TGIS days.

At present, she is also a mother of three, a happy wife to Lorenzo Rivera, and a loving daughter.

Aside from that, Angelu's sense of purpose has gotten deeper, more spiritual. This has been evident on her Instagram account where she regularly put out inspirational quotes and Bible verses.

This is one of her most recent posts:

The 35-year-old Buena Familia star related to (Philippine Entertainment Portal) how her renewal of faith started almost eight years ago.

She began with a joke.

“Alam mo yung soul searching ka nang soul searching, wala ka namang soul? Wala ka namang ma-search!”

She then turned more serious and revealed what she went through.

“Hindi, para kasing one day, I woke up na everything was fine. Parang in the eyes of the world, everything was fine.

“I had work, I had my kids, I had a car, I have my house, I have my mom. Nothing was wrong, really.

“But deep down inside, parang every time I go home, I’m a lonely person.

"And I’m not like that! I don’t like that feeling kasi I’m always optimistic.

"Parang feeling ko, there’s always a silver lining, may rainbow at the end of the storm.

“Pero every time na uuwi nga ako, sobrang akong empty.”

A friend of hers invited her to join them in their church.

“So may friend akong nag-invite sa ‘kin sa Church. Sabi ko, ‘Ah sige.’


“'Tapos lahat lahat na tinanong ko about Born Again.

“Ba’t kayo nagtataas ng kamay? Ba’t ang tagal ng service niyo? Bakit kayo ‘Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus?’? Mga ganon, parang ganon.”

Then, a life-changing realization hit her.

“Only to find out na when I went to the church, parang I felt so little in a sense na nahiya ako kay God.

“Parang all of a sudden, I saw Him—this Big God—who just…narinig ko pa, [sabi niya] ‘Welcome home, anak.’”

FAVORITE HASHTAG. Angelu also underlined that her faith, “It’s not about the religion, I always make it a hashtag [in my posts]—#relationshipnotreligion.

“Because it’s really a newfound faith na parang when I found Jesus in the center of my life, He’s a friend."

She also shared how she prays to God.

“He’s a friend like us talking, I can pray to him like this and He wouldn’t mind.

“Hindi yung dapat kailangan serious ka, hindi siya gano'n.”

And she's always grateful.

“Nung time na yun, sabi ko, 'Everything I have now, it’s not because I’m a good actress, it’s not because I have these connections or whatever.

“It is only because of the grace of God because siya lang talaga nagbigay sa ‘kin nito, e.”

Hence, even on her IG, instead of complaining about the sad things that had happened to her, she chooses to inspire.

“So yun, so that’s what I want to share na kahit may pinagdadaanan ako rather than having sad stories on my Instagram.


"I just leap my faith up because that’s the only thing I can do.”

Her optimism has also doubled.

“Siguro yung may hope, even though things are not going well, even if things are not going right or the way you want it, there’s always hope.

“And then parang lagi kong sinasabi, kasi ngayon ko lang napagdesisyunan, lahat ng desisyon na ginawa ko sa buhay ko, mali.

“Pero nung nakinig ako sa desisyon na gusto niya, umayos lahat.”





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