Pauleen Luna: her modern-minimalist house and spacious walk-in closet

IMAGE Rene Mejia for YES! Magazine

Pauleen Luna on her 680-square-meter modern minimalist property: "Ang sarap no'ng feeling kapag nakikita mo itong bahay."

Pauleen Luna shares her three-storey, four-bedroom Quezon City home with dad Eugenio, mom Chat, and brother Miguel.

Out of the 680-square-meter floor area of the house, Pauleen's room is the biggest.

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Measuring 54 square meters, Pauleen’s mom Chat Luna, a retired interior designer, said her only daughter got the biggest room because “artista naman siya, so hayaan ko na.”

Aside from having the biggest room, Pauleen is happy that her parents also gave her free rein to choose the color scheme of her new bedroom.

“Dati, wala naman akong choice dahil my room was just there. I was growing up lang.

"This time, I told them what I wanted. Siguro rin kasi, sabik din ako, dahil nga do’n sa last na bahay, wala naman akong input."

Pauleen chose a beige palette. Why?

She explained, “Sila, gusto nila dark, pero ako, gusto ko talaga light.


"Sabi nga nila, ‘How can you sleep agad?’ Kasi gusto nila blackout, e.

"Ako naman, 'di naman siya effort. Paghiga ko nga, tulog na ako agad.”

The 26-year-old Kapuso star also keeps a photo with Vic Sotto and other members of her Eat Bulaga! family. It is one of the displays you can see at Pauleen’s shelf inside her bedroom.

Even if she’s a big fan of the popular photo-sharing site Instagram, where everything is online, Pauleen revealed that she still likes traditional photos she can hold.

“Mas gusto ko pa rin ’yong mga pictures na puwede mo i-display, na hindi ka matatakot na pag nag-crash ’yong laptop mo, they’re all gone.


For her walk-in closet, Pauleen specifically asked her parents for a lot of space where she can store all her clothes, shoes, bags, and other personal stuff, thereby cutting clutter in her bedroom.

It is 50 square meters, as big as (if not bigger than) a studio unit in most condominium projects today.

“’Yon naman talaga ang goal ko,” she recalled.

“Mas maaliwas siya. Lalo na kasi, do’n sa last house, I had very little space for my things.

"So kahit gusto ko man siyang gawing maaliwalas, 'di kaya. Wala na talagang malagyan pa ng mga gamit.

"So ngayon talaga, sabi ko sa kanila, ‘Please give me another room for my things, para pagdating sa kuwarto ko, malinis."

Read the original article, written by Gabby Reyes Libarios, in YES! Celebrity Homes Special March 2013 issue.





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