Anne Curtis reveals fashion essential: white T-shirt

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Anne doesn't how many white T-shirts she has: "Ang dami, may pocket, wala, and then button down na white. I just like it."

We have seen Anne Curtis wear the most fashionable and glamorous clothes.

But guess what her fashion essential is: “White T-shirt!”

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She said it's easy mix and match it with other colors.

It can be layered under a sweater, tucked into a skirt or jeans or paired with catchy accessories.

Anne remarked, “I just love my white!”

“Ang dami ko talagang white T-shirt. Ang dami, may pocket, wala, and then button down na white. I just like it. “ (Philippine Entertainment Portal) exclusively interviewed Anne during the 20th anniversary event of Plains & Prints on July 23, in Glorietta 1.

VIEW PHOTOS Anne Curtis walks the runway to mark 20th Anniversary of Plains & Prints

She has been endorsing the brand for two years now.

We asked her preference: plain or print?

She answered, "You really have a mix of your both in your wardrobe."

The 30-year-old television host/actress said she likes her T-shirts plain, then her dresses, print. It also depends on her mood.

“Of course, I lean more to the plains pero wala e lalo na kapag summer, you like your prints!”

RAINY-SEASON FASHION. Anne began, “Ilabas ang boots! No, I am kidding."


“One of my big fashion tips would be always bring a cardigan with you.

"Not necessarily a heavy jacket, just a cardigan cause when you are travelling, you don’t know when you’ll need it.

“Even naman in the mall, it gets colder, in the car it gets colder. So you need to have a hoodie or a cardigan with you or favorite coat.”


Wear shoes that's suitable for the rain.

“Of course, you should have to get a good pair of shoes...lalo na yung mga commuters out there.

“No on the tela shoes, good luck! They will be ruined for life.


“You can have nice sneakers na okay lang madumihan, uso naman siya."

Anne likes to wear dark colors, but wear the color that best suits your mood.

”I guess it’s really about dressing your mood.

“Sometimes, people really want to contradict it, so even if it’s raining, it’s dark, it’s glommy, they like to wear popping colors naman, so it really depends on your styling."





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