Bea Alonzo on her Urban Asian Glam home: “I worked for this."

IMAGE Rene Mejia for YES! Magazine

Bea Alonzo's bedroom in neutral color scheme is meant only for one purpose: total relaxation.

After living in a condo for years, Bea Alonzo decided she wanted a bigger space.

In 2012, she had a three-storey house built on a 600-square-meter lot in a Quezon City subdivision.

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According to interior designer Jeizele delos Reyes-Go, Bea knew what she wanted and was very hands-on in the design process.

Jeizele recalls their first meeting, “We discussed her preferences, her spatial needs, and what she wants the house to evoke.

“She likes the coziness of some Asian resorts, the sophistication of hotels, and the ‘bling’ factor of certain finishing materials.”

That initial meeting resulted in a design plan that fused the old and the new, the traditional and the modern.

Bea’s Urban Asian Glam home, as Jeizele describes it, has a total floor area of 900 square meters, “I worked for this,” she proudly says.

The predominantly white color scheme of her stylish living space creates an airy and bright atmosphere that evokes a sense of balance and peace.

“Ang maganda dito ’yong pagpasok mo, maaliwalas sa pakiramdam,” Bea says.

Her bedroom occupies the biggest space on the second floor.

It is decorated in neutral colors and save for the wall-mounted LCD TV, the room is devoid of any kind of distractions. This space is meant only for one purpose: total relaxation.

The heavy drapes have the function of keeping the harsh morning sunlight from getting in, allowing Bea to sleep undisturbed after a hectic day.

The 27-year-old actress' dressing area is just meant for her clothes.

The shoes and bags that the actress uses for work are kept in another room on the second floor. The cabinet in the middle is where she keeps her accessories.

Bea relates moving into a bigger space requires some adjustments, “Maraming responsibilidad sa bahay. Sa condo, kaya kong bumili ng pagkain kasi dalawa lang ang kasama ko.


“‘Pag sa bahay, hindi ka makakaligtas sa pamamalengke kasi hindi sila kakain.”

Read the original article, written by Gabby Reyes Libarios, in YES! Celebrity Homes Special 2013 issue.





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