Ruffa Gutierrez says facial cosmetic surgery is not for her

IMAGE Bensan Villa

Ruffa Gutierrez proudly says she never had any invasive cosmetic surgery on her face, pointing out it's still the same face that won her 2nd Princess in 1993 Miss World, "I was only 19 years old, ganun pa rin ang mukha ko.”

At 41, Ruffa Gutierrez still looks great, and it’s not because of cosmetic surgery and anything unnatural, such as Botox.

“Wala, hindi puwede sa artista ‘yon kasi hindi mapapansin ang lines,” she told media at the Cosmo Skin Advance Whitening Technology presscon last Thursday, August 6, in the ballroom of Raffles Hotel in Makati City.

The actress pointed out there are countless cosmetic procedures that don’t require going through the needle.

She said, “Ang dami nang non-invasive laser treatments, ang dami nang supplements.

“Ang dami nang paraan, ‘di mo na kailangang magpa-surgery, ‘di na uso 'yon, actually.”

She clarified it’s just a matter of preference, and that she has nothing against people who opt o undergo invasive beauty enhancement.

“For me, whatever makes the person happy, why not? As long as they still look natural and hindi na yung robot ang dating."

For her body though, she admitted to going under the knife.

“Yes, sa katawan ko, may nagawa na ‘ko because, of course, I had baby na.

“But sa mukha ko, wala pa, and if you could check the photos when I won sa [1993] Miss World [as 2nd Princess], I was only 19 years old, ganun pa rin ang mukha ko.”

ALL NATURAL. Ruffa knows that getting old is inevitable. To defy age, she believes in leading a healthy lifestyle.

“I think it’s just being more healthy and taking care of ourselves, because we want to live longer and stay stronger.”

On handling stress, Ruffa said problems are a natural part of our daily lives.

“It’s how you tackle those problems, ‘di ba?

“Kung paano natin sila haharapin, that’s how we can help ourselves live a happy better life, stress-free.

“You have to really take a conscious effort para to look good, to always look clean, to look fresh.


“Kasi it doesn’t really matter how old you are. Ang beauty naman it’s never just about the youth.

“You can still be 40, 50, and look as beautiful, and have a timeless, classic, elegant beauty.”

So apart from a regular workout, Ruffa said she tries “to take all-natural, organic products na ngayon.”

She elaborated, “Once I started going back to synthetic-made products, nakikita ko nagkakasakit ako, nagpa-palpitate ako.

“So for me, pinakaimportante yung supplements na gagamitin natin at pipiliin natin yung talagang best in the market.

“I only choose products that are world-class, that are all natural, at talagang approved ng FDA [Food and Drug Administration].”





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