Want abs? Luke Landrigan recommends surfing!

IMAGE Michael Caliwara

Luke Landrigan with his son Kai at the store opening of New Era caps in SM Megamall.

Wherever surfer Luke Landrigan goes, his seven-year-old son Kai goes.

The last time PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) spotted them was at the launch of New Era cap store in SM Megamall, looking like sun gods with their perpetual tan.

“Are you a cap collector?” this writer asked.

Luke answered, smiling, “I’m a big fan.

“When I went to the States, siguro bumili ako ng mga 20 pieces. It was like five years ago na.”

In total, he has about 40 caps, most of which are NBA-themed like LA and NY.

He added, “I use it a lot ‘cause surfing’s like under the sun, it’s just so hot, bad for the skin. I usually use it talaga.”

Aside from the design or label, size matters.

Luke said, “What I do is, as long as it fits perfectly, it’s okay. I don’t want maluwang or kung masikip. You have to have that perfect size talaga.”

For the information of PEPsters, New Era’s size varies depending on the style. The usual is small to large. For the 59FIFTY, smallest starts with 6 (for infants) and 7 (for adults).

The surfer resumed, “That’s one good thing we do, it’s sizing talaga.

“It’s comfortable and I like the plain stuff lang.

“I’m not a big fan of much designs and stuff.

“If it fits perfectly, that’s okay.”

SURFING, ANYONE? Back to Kai, it’s no surprise the he is turning out to be a water lover just like his dad.

Luke remarked, “He’s surfing also.”

Photo: @lukelandrigan on Instagram

Did you know the first time he let his son play with his surf board was when he was “11 months”?

Luke added, “May tinuruan ako last year, mga 66 years old.”

Yup, the sport may seem extreme and intimidating but he countered, “You might be surprised, it’s really easy.


“It looks hard lang and it looks like parang it’s for fit guy, for macho guys, ganun.

“Yeah, it’s intimidating at first but once you get a hang of it—the groove, the balance…

“You’ll probably get hooked for that.”

Is it expensive?

“Not really. You can learn for 400 pesos. It’s that cheap.”

The rate comes with a surf board and free instruction for one hour.

If you wish to extend, pay another 400 pesos.

Those who are interested, Luke’s San Juan Surf Resort is in Urbiztondo, San Juan in La Union, which is a four-hour drive from Manila.

Walk-ins, he said, are welcome.

He advised though, “Bring a sunscreen. That’s it.”

Don’t worry about rashguards.

“In my surf school, we lend it for students.

“But you can purchase yourself also ‘cause we have a surf shop also dun at the resort.”

If you’re going to take surfing seriously, the swim wear is “around 3,000 pesos.”

Why it’s worth a try?

Luke said, “It’s your working out while having fun,” plus it’s really good for the abs.

“Usually core talaga and paddling your arms.

“And, usually mga surfers, they’re, once you tried surfing na, you’re gonna get more into nature ‘cause yun na yung playground namin.”

His parting shot, “Like I said before, it looks intimidating but once you try it, like your first hour, you’re gonna get hooked for life talaga.

“And you know, you just really have to go and try it out.

“Say, it’s one of the most growing sport na ngayon in the Philippines ‘cause we have 7,107 islands and most of the islands we have, surf talaga ‘cause we’re surrounded by Pacific side…”





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