Solenn Heussaff shares four ways to boost self-confidence

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Self-confidence rule #1, according to Solenn, is don't intimidate others: "I’m super chill, so I guess they know I’m their barkada, once they meet me."

If you want others to notice your beauty, you have to be comfortable with yourself.

This, Solenn Heussaff told (Philippine Entertainment Portal), is what self-confidence is all about.

“Know who you are, and don’t try to impress anyone else,” she told this writer at the Colgate Optic White event, held at Watsons personal care store’s Mall of Asia branch.

COOL AND CONFIDENT. Solenn surprised the customers who bought the product she's endorsing when she herself sat behind the cash register and attended to their purchases.

She later had a makeover session with some girls, who were also given advice on how to project that cool and confident look.

#1. Make sure you don't intimidate others.

“I’m super chill, so I guess they know that I’m their barkada once they meet me. I think I’m kalog.

“You know some people have that posture where it’s just intimidating? Me, it’s just, ‘Yeah, what's up?’ That’s how I am.”

#2. Take care of yourself.

The French-Filipina beauty’s toned body is a proof that she’s smart about her eating habits.

“I don’t eat carbs. Minsan, pag Sunday, I eat pancakes. In the morning—one pancake.

"'Tapos pag may bopis, kailangan ko may rice.

"The rest I can have with no rice.

“Kahit adobo, it’s okay kahit with no rice kasi I eat quinoa or cauliflower rice. I cheat once in a while.

"Pero pag nasa bahay, breakfast is two eggs lang 'tapos freshly-squeezed juice.

“Coffee. I have like seven [cups of] coffee a day. Then grilled lang, no deep-fried food. No junk food.”

#3. Observe personal hygiene.

Solenn brushes her teeth thrice a day, after every meal.

“I don’t know if that’s recommendable,” she said, laughing.

“Every time I eat, I also floss after. I use mouth rinse morning and night.”


Did she ever every wear braces?

Solenn nodded.

“I went through everything! I had head gear in school. Nakakahiya. I had retainers.

“I had lip bumper. Parang at night I wear it, parang [it's a] translucent thing. 'Tapos I had braces for, my God, like five years? Or a bit less, maybe.

“Now, I sleep every night with a retainer para hindi magalaw. Kahit hindi na kailangan daw, I feel like my teeth always move.”

If her schedule permits, Solenn goes to the dentist every three or four months.

Another revelation from Solenn: “I’ve never had my teeth whitened ever. When I was younger, I wanted to try.

“Then my mom said, ‘Ano ka ba, anak? If you want to have your teeth whitened, you do it when you’re 45 or something.’ Parang gano'n.”

So Solenn can flash that winsome smile, show her pearly whites, and say, “It’s all natural.”

#4. Be yourself.

This might as well be her fourth and final rule in achieving self-confidence. Let the world love you for who you are.





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