Aubrey Miles defines the new sexy: “If you are fit, you are sexy na.”

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Aubrey Miles says working out is more than just setting a goal for her desired weight. The mother of two has made it part of her lifestyle. In fact, she has been working out for about half of her life.

If you're working out to become sexy, Aubrey Miles remarked, "Hindi na uso ngayon..."

She told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the Asus Zen Festival 2015 event, "...for me if you are fit, you are sexy na.

“Ngayon kasi, hindi na uso [magpa-sexy lang], it’s more like fitness sexy."

So losing weight or staying slim or burning the fats is no longer just a goal but a lifestyle.

“I am thirty-five now, more than half of my life, I’ve been working out.

“I tried different things din, yung swimming, wall climbing, triathlon pero dito kailangan, you work out, choose for your lifestyle talaga.

“Bata pa kasi ako, my body is strong. Sanay na kasi I always make sure na kapag hindi ko kaya, I will not do it."

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AUBREY'S SIMPLE RULES. How the mother of two achieved her to-die-for body began with finding the right workout.


“If you work out, love what you are doing, and you enjoy it.

“Kunwari ako I lift weights, if you are not into lifting weights, you can do other stuff naman.”

So whether it's running or boxing or dancing, “If you are sweating, your heart is pumping, yun naman ang importante dun."

Aubrey stressed, “Hindi kailangan pumunta ng gym. You don’t have to do Yoga.

"It’s up to you kung ano yung [magiging] reaction ng katawan mo.”


With regard to food, you can eat anything but not everything.


“Yung food kasi kapag nakita ko siya, it’s in my mind, it’s always there, it’s not gonna leave me.

“Parang for now, I’ll try to ignore it kasi parang yung iba temptation, e.

“Siguro I master yung pag-control ng food for almost two years, ang hirap!"

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LAST FHM WALK. This year marked Aubrey's "last walk" on the FHM 100 Sexiest runway.


The hot momma said she prefers to be part of the audience next year.

“Never ako nakapanood ng FHM show, so when I saw it na may mga celebs na nanonood, sabi ko, 'Parang I want to feel that.'

“Sa akin kasi na-realize ko nung kinolek ko yung mga plaque ko from 2006 to 2015, complete ako, except nung 2008 kasi I was pregnant.

“But 2003 to 2005, wala pa silang plaque pero I attended 2003 to 2015. Sabi ko ‘Oh my gosh!’"

What if the fans still want to vote for her?

“They can still vote for me but I won’t walk anymore.

"I wanna watch, enjoy, sit there and you know clap, I wanna know the feeling."

Does this mean she'll never do anything sexy again?

“Siguro ngayon, yung mga full nudity, hindi na ako ganyan, hindi na ako yung mga close up, bikini na lang, I’m okay with that," the 35-year-old sexy actress answered.





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