Laureen Uy and Nicole Anderson tell why it's cool to have BFF

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Laureen Uy to BFF Nicole Anderson: “Siya yung kaibigan ko na tatapatin talaga ako kahit anong mangyari.”

Laureen Uy and Nicole Anderson have been best friends for more than a decade now.

And the secret to their lasting friendship? Honesty.

At the recent event #PondsNoMakeupLook event, Laureen remarked, “Siya yung kaibigan ko na tatapatin talaga ako kahit anong mangyari,”

“We really get along kasi we help each other out like we are very honest with each other.”

Nicole threw in, ”Same for her also. She really tells me if I am making a mistake. Actually, she’s really like becoming my sister na rin talaga.

“Very honest kami sa isa’t isa like mayroon kaming damit na hindi bagay sa amin, kami yung magsasabi sa isa’t isa.”

Apart from this, Laureen and Nicole shared six more things about their friendship:

1. Laureen and Nicole met because of Laureen's sister Liz Uy.

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Nicole recalled, “Actually Liz kasi was my barkada first, ako yung salingkit sa grupo nila Anne [Curtis], nila Raymond [Gutierez], ako yung baby.


“'Tapos sabi ni Liz, ‘Alam mo pakilala kita sa sister ko kasi wala kang friends na kaedad mo.'

"So one time nandoon kami sa bahay nila Liz 'tapos yun, lumabas siya [Laureen].”

Laureen continued, “Aalis dapat kami parang blind date, parang eyeball kami.

"Sabi ni Liz, ‘O pupunta dito si Nicole, pakikilala ka namin.’

“When she entered it’s so funny kasi parehas kami ng suot, saktong-sakto the first time we met."

Nicole added, “Sabi ko sa kanya, 'Ay hindi hindi magpalit ka.'"

2. Both of them are "kalog."

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3. Laureen and Nicole never had a big fight.

Nicole said she and Laureen argue sometimes but it never turned into a huge fight because, "Parang we know each well na, parang if she’s having a bad day, I’ll give her space, and then she does the same for me."

Knocking on wood, Laureen said, “Actually, wala pa kaming first big big fight.


“Feeling ko kasi tantiyahan lang kasi minsan may mga bad days talaga e like super stress sa work and kailangan lang ng onting parang comforter, I guess outlet.

“So at the end of the day siguro if she's super stress, hindi ko muna siya kakausapin, and then kung okay na siya, tatawag naman 'yan.”

4. Laureen and Nicole have different fashion/beauty preferences but they still complement each other.

Nicole related, “Minsan kung may lipstick ako na hindi bagay sa skin tone ko, ibibigay ko sa kanya 'tapos siya kapag masyado maputla, ibibigay niya sa akin, ganun.

“Kunwari may binili siya 'tapos, 'Ay parang mas mabagay sa ’yo ‘to' ganun.”

5. They never had a crush on the same guy.


Their kind of guy is different.

According to Nicole, “Walang clash kapag ganun.”

She told Laureen with a laugh, “Kanya-kanya tayo! Ito ako, diyan ka.”

6. Laureen and Nicole love travelling together.

spending the day with this one and planning even better trips in the future Ÿ˜ŠŸ‘Œ

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Their Instagram accounts have photos of the various places they explored together.

Laureen shared with a smile, “We travel a lot. Kunwari minsan for work, minsan kaming dalawa lang talaga.

“Gusto lang talaga namin makita lahat.

“We have upcoming trips together.”

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