Miss Dedma or Miss Clumsy? Liza Soberano reveals how she reacts to crushes

IMAGE Nikko Tuazon

Liza Soberano reveals how she would typically react when her crush is around: “Actually, hindi ko kinakausap crush ko kapag crush ko siya. Nasanay ako na hindi ko dapat sabihin na crush ko siya. Bata pa lang, gano'n na 'ko, para iwas gulo.”

Like most typical young girls, Liza Soberano admits she’s the type who would “melt around her crush," and would get into a panicky fit.

She recalls, “I was a really shy girl, that’s why it was a struggle for me.”

And if she had to face or work with her crush every day?

“Mahirap! Oh my God! Hindi mo lang alam,” she exclaims.

So what she does is ignore her crush.

“Oo, nahihiya ako. Actually, hindi ko kinakausap crush ko kapag crush ko siya.

“Nasanay ako na hindi ko dapat sabihin na crush ko siya. Bata pa lang, gano'n na 'ko, para iwas gulo.”

LITTLE MISS PANIC. What’s even more amusing is Liza’s confession that she tends to turn into a clumsy, blundering wreck who would trip all over herself when her crush is around.

She recalls, “When I was in Grade 4, while I was still studying in the States, mayroon akong bagong pabango na may glitters-glitters na gusto ko ipakita sa kanya, sa crush ko.

“E, nasa school bus kami, [gestures] nandito ako ‘tapos siya andito sa likod. Pagharap ko, na-spray ko sa mata niya!

“Sobrang fail ako ‘pag nagpapa-cute or nagpapakita ako ng like sa isang tao.”

Luckily, she has learned to keep her composure as she got older, but experience taught her to just keep her distance just for good measure.

She says, "Natutunan ko rin, but I don't know, pag may crush ako, lumalayo talaga ako, e. Kasi lagi ako nagkakamali kapag crush ko."


DREAMS. For now, the Kapamilya teen star, branded as one of today's most promising teens in showbiz, continues to dream and dream some more.

But to become famous wasn’t even on her list of ever-changing goals when she was still growing up.

She wanted to be a soldier, a doctor and also a lawyer.

Liza recalls, “Yun ang unang dream ko—to be a soldier.

“Kasi yung grandpa ko, si Daddy Jeff ko, nasa Marines, at mahilig talaga ako sa mga boyish stuff.

“My 'doctor stage' was inspired by my mom, because that’s what she took.”

INSPIRATIONS. She shares that celebrities like Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence influence and inspire her, especially now that she's a Senior Scout for Johnson & Johnson’s Camp Courage.

While she doesn't consider herself a feminist like Emma Watson, Liza believes, "It's not actually one thing, I just like to help encourage people to follow their dreams.

“I believe in equality. Everybody should just be equal, not just women.

“For me, just being able to be yourself, that's what I want everybody to be, to promote peace and love.”





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