Nail that perfect travel album with Anne Curtis, Bea Alonzo, Enchong Dee, and more!

IMAGE @annecurtissmith / @beaalonzo on Instagram

(Clockwise) Enchong Dee poses with the clog shoes in Holland; Bea Alonzo finds a huggable friend in the streets of Ginza, Tokyo; KC Concepcion strolls along France, and Anne Curtis poses at #OOTD in Dubai.

When the stars align and you find yourself boarding a plane to the other side of the world, one of your #TravelGoals is to get that celeb-style, picture-perfect Instagram shots.

Not sure how? No worries because our celebrities have got you covered!

Take a cue from globe-trotting stars Kim Jones-Rosales, Bea Alonzo, Anne Curtis, KC Concepcion, Enchong Dee, Georgina Wilson, and Isabelle Daza.

With this photo checklist, your Instagram game is sure to level up!

Give them a teaser. Start at the airport. Let them know your Instagram is about to level up.

A photo posted by Kim Jones (@kimcamjones) onSep 18, 2015 at 5:24am PDT

Kim Jones posted this on her Instagram. Can you guess which airport she is at?

Play up your #OOTD game to the max. No shame in posing a la model. You shouldn't waste time embracing breathtaking sceneries like these.

A photo posted by bea alonzo (@beaalonzo) onMay 11, 2015 at 6:27pm PDT

Bea Alonzo slaying this #OOTD shot in New York City. Another photo for her hashtag #btravels (#bztravels when she travels with boyfriend Zanjoe Marudo).

Nail that “turista” shot. Taking a photo with iconic landmarks as backdrops is a must. Just give it a personal twist.

Here's Anne Curtis taking an aerial view of Dubai while she skydives.

Or you can go with this type of shot instead. Your Instagram will still be awesome.

Anne raising up a three and a zero with her hands for her hashtag #AnnesJourneyat30.

The “crossing the street” shot. Just a quick way to show off the cityscape and your #OOTD.

But don’t just take a photo—take a Instavid instead!

KC Concepcion crosses the streets of New York City in style.


Do as the locals do. Give a glimpse of how everyday living is in another country. Take photos, of course!

Enchong Dee explores Amsterdam like a local—by riding a bike!

“Candid” souvenir photo. Before you leave, make sure to have one more photo as safety measure—especially if you've travelled with a good company.

Georgina Wilson posing with a peace sign in Sydney, Australia.

Isabelle Daza chilling by the river with her squad.

So, are you set for your next travel? When the bags are packed and ready to go, don't forget the camera! Have fun!





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