Iza Calzado: "I'm not afraid to look ugly."

IMAGE Pond's / Francesca Ganal

Fellow Pond's girls (L-R) Rizza Mananquil-Trillo, Agoo Bengzon, Cheska Garcia-Kramer, and Vanessa Matsunaga, with Unilever's public relations head Apples Aberin, welcome Iza Calzado (fourth from left) as the newest addition to the group.

Seeing how newest Pond’s girl Iza Calzado prepare for a TV shoot was quite interesting.

After the program proper of her official launch as Pond's ambassasor at Green Sun Hotel last October 13, Iza remained on stage for the interviews.

There were four media outfits who interviewed her.

The entire time, she was standing on her stilettos. But she must be used to it by now because Iza was all smiles, and kept the energy high all throughout.

When it was PEP.ph's (Philippine Entertainment Portal) turn to interview her, gthe Kapamilya actress was already seated.

We told her it must have been tiring to keep up with all eight or nine interviews.

She replied, “When you love your job, then it doesn’t feel so much like work.

“I kinda always knew that—not always, but… I think I discovered that I loved acting when I did Milan [her movie with Piolo Pascual and Claudine Barretto in 2004].

“And I think I discovered that I’m fully committed to my job, maybe in the more recent years lang.

“But you know, like, it goes through phases. I go through phases, e.

"But I think I’m more determined and more committed now [than] in the last five years or eight, five, seven years.”

BEAUTY IN PHASES. Aside from the endless stream of interviews, another part of Iza's life is looking good all the time.

Iza did not hesitate to reveal she's already 33.

“I feel my age in terms of—I’m working out so much, dieting, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I’m not losing weight as much as I used to!'


“Even if I’m doing more things, being more careful about my diet, working out more or maybe just not as much, parang, maybe, I was just lifting more weights that I was becoming more bulky.

"So now, I’m actually going back to doing more cardio.”

Setting the challenges of age aside, Iza chooses to embrace growth.

“There is a bit of pressure or perhaps a reality check. The kids have now turned into women as well.

“And I think it’s more of I’m challenged, ah, well, it’s more of challenging myself so that I can move on to the next phase of my life, to challenge myself to go to the next level.”

EMBRACING EMOTIONS. Iza was surprised to learn that the physical and mental challenges of age have an emotional component.

Some women, she said, tend to avoid expressing emotions the older they get.

I think women are afraid that their expressions may cause lines like laughing so much, or maybe worrying, ganyan.

“I don’t frown often. I’m more of a smiler so, hence, I have laugh lines,” Iza said, grinning.

She added, “But it’s quite sad that the survey says most women are afraid to show their expressions or show their real emotions just because of the lines their expressions may cause.

“Ako, when I’m mad, I’m mad.

“I think we should be grateful to be alive and part of that is experiencing life.

“And part of experiencing life is feeling and allowing yourself to be free, to enjoy every emotion, and be authentic."


Even when she's in front of the camera, she forgets how she'd look.

Iza explained, "If you watched Etiquette for Mistress, I have a scene there where I look like a little lost girl and my face is like parang crumpled paper, ganyan.

"I'm not afraid to look ugly.

"I don't always worry about having to look beautiful when I'm on screen. And I think that has worked to my advantage.

"But of course, when I have to look beautiful, I want to look beautiful!"





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