How Alden Richards keeps fit to maintain workaholic lifestyle

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Blessings continue to pour on Alden Richards with the addition of endorsement projects to his busy TV schedule.

“Happy naman kahit hectic. Hapi-happy!”

That was how Alden Richards described his calendar filled with multiple commitments.

At his launch as the newest brand ambassador of Snowcaps, he said, “Workaholic po ako e parang hinahanap siya [work] ng katawan ko.”

Does he get some rest?

He answered with a laugh, “Opo naman! Okay na po ako makatulog lang ng eight hours.

“Konting masahe, konting gym, okay na po ako.”

FITNESS. Despite his busy schedule, Alden makes it a point to exercise regularly to maintain a fit body.

“Exercise is my lifestyle already,” he remarked.

“The more na I don’t get exercise, di ako nakakapag-exercise, the more na I get sick.

“So I do CrossFit [workout] in between weight lifting, yun ang routine ko sa gym."

He also does jumping rope every morning, “At least ten minutes para ma-wake lang yung mga masel-masel.”

Alden said he also takes the glutathione capsule he is endorsing, not for its whitening benefit but to stay healthy.

“Before kasi, I only take multivitamins and everything, but this one, at least, dun sa mga tine-take ko every day, mayroon nang pang-dagdag to boost my immune system.

“Kasi hindi lang naman siya for whitening lang talaga e.

“It really helps stabilize my mood every day, and, at the same time, antioxidant.

“Yung whitening is just the side effect, the good side effect.

“Pandagdag lang po siya sa vitamins na tine-take ko po.

"Pangtulong po siya sa liver, pang-detox po siya.”

He added, “Its best to take it [glutathione] in the morning kasi yun yung peek nung stress level mo.

"Mas mataas yung stress natin in the morning.

“Of course, I’m eating right, yung water never kong kinakalimutan ‘yan.”





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