SNEAK PEEK: Mich Dulce and her penthouse apartment in Pasig City

IMAGE @michdulce on Instagram

Mich Dulce is now focused on designing hats, headpieces, and corsets.

Mich Dulce, who used to be active on television, is now focused on her original profession as fashion designer.

She was part of the TV series John En Shirley, a spin-off from the original John En Marsha in 2006.

Then she became more familiar to the public when she joined Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition, but eventually left the competition because of her asthma.

Mich was also included in the cast of the TV series The Wedding and movie Rakenrol.

She became less visible since 2010.

Now, Mich is a trained milliner and corsetiere. In fact, some international stars like Adam Ant, Leighton Meester, Lady Gaga, and Paris Hilton have already worn her hats and headpieces.

She also created corsets for local celebrities Gretchen Barreto, KC Concepcion, and Ciarra Sotto.

Her contemporary hats, headpieces, corsets, and bold floral prints are just some of the pieces that define her signature feminine style.

But when it comes to her home—situated in Pasig City— which was featured in Elle Decor October/November 2015 issue, Mich mitigated her iconic style.

The design is a concoction of girly grit from Mich's spunky pop style and her mom Yrna’s classical taste.

"We have a deal, for every artwork that she puts up from her own collection, tatapatan ko siya ng contemporary piece," Mich said.

It's a penthouse apartment demonstrating that opposite styles can really create a unique life in the house.

Dulce and her mother also collected souvenirs they nosed out from their travels.

Her bedroom is a display of frisky kink with hints of European fancy through the Maison hat boxes and toile of beddings.

The staff who did the shoot with Dulce revealed that their home is a definition of their personality: two antithetical people who find a common thread in their passion for art, creating as rich as a story book spun with a long, diverse history.


Read more about the Dulce’s home and more about the art of living on the October/November issue of Elle Decor available in bookstores and outlets nationwide.





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