Iñigo Pascual shows chivalry is not dead through appreciation post for Julia Barretto on Instagram

IMAGE @iminigopascual on Instagram

Iñigo Pascual is presently the male lead in And I Love You So, which also stars his screen partner Julia Barretto.

Aside from being screen partners, Iñigo Pascual and Julia Baretto are good friends in real life.

Hence, one of Iñigo's recent interviews with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was about defending Julia against bashers.

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Prior to any interview, the son of Piolo Pascual posted a #ThisIsAJuliaBarrettoAppreciationPost on Instagram, where he also used the hashtags #NoOneCanTouchSomebodyWhoIsHappyWithHerLife and #Igotyourback.

At the screening of And I Love You So last December 6, Iñigo detailed, “Because I see her almost every day and kilalang-kilala ko iyang si Julia.

"Kapag may problema or anything, she doesn’t show it.

"Matagal na rin kaming nagkasama. Alam ko kung bothered siya or something is wrong with her.

"Basta kung ano mang mayroong nangyayari. I guess, I just felt the need to do that."

It can be recalled that Julia was bashed by some JaDine fans after her sighting with On The Wings of Love actor James Reid hit the headlines.

Iñigo continued, “I mean, some people are just really ignorant and really mean with the stuff that they say. I mean, tao rin kami.

"We get affected.

"Kahit hindi namin ipinapakita, we’re being professional and we don’t wanna show that we’re affected.

"Deep inside, we’re hurt because we’re still human.

“Every time we get bad comments about us, siyempre nasasaktan kami.

So I just felt the need to do that, because she can’t do that. She can’t say, ‘Stop guys! Stop doing this!’

“So I have to step in and say, 'I know this girl. You guys need to stop doing that.’

"I just have to show that this girl is real and iba sa mga sinasabi ng mga tao."






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