Saab Magalona reveals motivation to blog: the bullies!

Saab Magalona reveals she became a victim of bullying and even stalking.

Some teenagers are exposed to relentless bullying by other kids in school.

Bullying is a pattern of aggressive behavior meant to hurt or cause discomfort to another person and no one is exempted from it.

In a quick chat with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during the Watsons Sun Warrior event at the Palace Pool Club in Taguig, Saab Magalona recounted the unfortunate time when she became a victim of bullying.

“I wasn’t doing anything, they are really mean to me.

“I wasn’t exactly popular in school, I got bullied.

“Of course, I have some friends din naman.

“It’s just really pagtatawanan ka if you come out in a magazine.

“Yung mga ganun, parang ikakahiya mo pa na you’re doing work, that’s in kinda high school.

“But also in grade school, I had bullies din."

Back then, she chose to just ignore them.

“I’m a quiet girl, so hindi naman ako papansin, so I really don’t understand why anyone would target me.


“But of course, I think it’s because I came from a showbiz family."

Aside from bullying, she also had a stalker.

“There’s also certain part pero hindi siya bullying, it was like blackmailing.

"There’s this younger batch na boy, who’s the little brother of my classmate, and he was kind of obsessed, stalker-ish vibe.

“As in ite-text niya ako na he’s outside our house, he is listening to my phone conversation, and he tried to drink dishwashing liquid.

“I bet he’s fine now, it was like a little puppy crush to that extreme level.

“Parang there are these types of people you meet in high school.”

Sometimes, confronting them is not the best solution.

Saab said she had to find an outlet for her feelings.

Hence, she created her blog

“I think the blogging really help, kasi I really did find it therapeutic to write about my experiences and to just release my anger there.


“I was a little emo back then, but now I am a more responsible blogger.

“I would encourage younger girls, even if you don’t put out there for everyone to read, I encourage them to start a journal with their feelings, it really really helps.

“As in, it will really help when you converse to yourself, when you talk to yourself, parang naririnig mo yung sarili mo and you find out what’s petty and what’s not.

“And then you will realize na this doesn’t matter."

It's been twelve years since she started blogging, but Saab is not really aware of how many people read or view her blog.

“That’s the one thing I don’t want to explore because I don’t really use my blog like a parang marketing tool talaga.

“I mean I do have sponsored posts, but I really don’t like to see yung traffic ko.


“I know some people are obsessed with that because they see it as a competition, but me, I really don’t care."

Saab is more interested about the comments of her readers than her page views.

“I don’t care about the quantity, I am really proud about the quality of the readers.

"They [readers] are very smart, and I’m proud of that."


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