Mara Lopez shares the wonders of surfing

"Whenever I am in the ocean and surfing, nakikita mo yung sunrise, yung sunset, yung mga buko trees, the ocean, the sky, every thing, nakaka-relax," says Mara Lopez about surfing.

Apart from television shows and movies, surfing has been keeping Mara Lopez busy, too.

For Mara, there’s more to surfing than just being an extreme water sport.

At the launch of Reef’s 2016 summer collection, she related, “Whenever I am in the ocean and  surfing, nakikita mo yung sunrise, yung sunset , yung mga buko trees, the ocean, the sky, every thing, nakaka-relax.

“Yes, you may see the sky in Manila, but it is just so different when you’re breathing fresh air, di ba.

“When you are near like the ocean, ibang-iba talaga sa city.

“I think that’s why everyone, who wants to go relax, they wanna go to mountains or the beach, because it’s just like a total reset for a system.”

Surfing has also created waves of positivity in her life.

She said, “For me kasi, dun ako pinaka-peaceful and, also, that’s the place when I’m in the ocean at hawak ko yung surfing board or just watching every thing around me.

“I feel that I am physically close to God.”

Mara added, “You’re given so much calmness din.

“It’s quiet and calm like pag nandun ka.

“Pero minsan stressful kapag malalaki yung alon, pero I also love that.”

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Most importantly, it is a great cardiovascular exercise, using mostly upper body muscles to do the paddling work and leg muscles to guide the board once you're up and riding.

She said, “Surfing is super good on upper body and pati na rin lower body talaga lalo na if almost every day when you are out there.


“Magandang combo sa surfing is jujitsu or yoga.”

Her advice to those who want to try it, “I think the number one is to learn how to get out on your comfort zone.

“Of course, you’re not gonna get it right away on your first try, some people do when they have really good balance, but just keep on trying and trying until you get it.

“It is such a fun sport!”





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