HOT GUY ALERT: Hardcourt hunk Javee Mocon follows in the footsteps of James Yap and Alvin Patrimonio

San Beda Lions power forward Javee Mocon dreams of making it big in showbiz, just like his idols James Yap and Ervic Vijandre. Aside from making it to the pro league, he also wants to pay it forward by pursuing his sports advocacy campaign for poor kids.

Who is this tall, bronzed hardcourt hunk who has been scoring points, not just in the country’s premiere collegiate cagefest, but also in the hearts of die-hard NCAA fans who have been avidly following his moves on social media?

Around him, it’s not uncommon to find throngs of screaming colegialas rooting for him at every game, and patiently waiting for him at the dugout for post-match autographs and photo ops.

Meet Javee Mocon, MVP of the NCAA Basketball Games 2015!

Towering at 6’3”, San Beda Lions’ prized power forward Javee Mocon has been making heads turn both on and off the hardcourt.

Aside from being a consistent top shooter averaging 15 points per game, he has already tucked quite a few MVP titles under his belt.

Despite all the flash, pizzazz, and on-court heroics, the 21-year-old marketing undergrad leads a pretty normal life when he’s not sporting his sneakers and school uniform.

Mild-mannered, soft-spoken, and painfully shy to some point, Javee’s quiet demeanor adds that perfect shroud of mystery and innocent charm that make him even more endearing.

The fourth yamong five siblings, Javee is proud of his Pampangueño roots.

His parents weren’t exactly the athletic types, but they prodded him to aim higher when his ball-handling skills were discovered during his high school years.

FUTURE PLANS. Just like his fellow cagers Alvin Patrimonio, James Yap, and Ervic Vijandre, who eventually invaded showbiz and became credible brand endorsers, Javee dreams of one day turning his showbiz dreams into reality.


“I think it’s normal for young kids to identify with their favorite showbiz stars and dream of seeing themselves on TV or in the movies,” says the self-confessed John Lloyd Cruz fan.

He also admires Jesse Eisenberg, who recently essayed the role of Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor in the epic DC blockbuster.

“I’m pretty open to just about anything,” he confesses, alluding to the stringent demands of the showbiz world, gossip and intrigues included.

Being an athlete, he sees himself gravitating towards more action-type or comedy roles, given the proper training.

Meanwhile, Javee has a soft spot for underprivileged kids, and plans to soon spearhead his own basketball clinic.

“We should never underestimate the talent of today’s budding athletes,” he says.

“Today’s kids will be tomorrow’s superstars, given the right inspiration and guidance.”

Based on his track record, Javee stands a good chance of advancing from the collegiate to the pro league in a matter of years.

“I’ve always been a big fan of the Alaska team, especially when Alex Compton started coaching them. Given a choice, I’d like to play for them,” he cites, ticking off one of his bucket-list dreams.

Since late April, Javee and his San Beda teammates hied off to Las Vegas, Nevada for a series of intensive training sessions with their U.S.-based coach.

The crash course should get them prepped up to tiptop shape for the forthcoming NCAA opening in June.

Javee Mocon is managed by Erikk Cruz and Audie See of Superior Entertainment Media (SuprEMe) Productions.


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