Many times Joey Mead and Angie King have proven their #LoveWins

A few hours after Angelina Mead King's coming out, she and wife Joey Mead resume their normal life as a couple.

Angelina Mead King, aka as Ian King, finally freed herself from the “weight” she has been carrying in her heart, thanks to the support of her model wife, Joey Mead.

But aside from finally tasting "freedom," Angelina and Joey have proven their #LoveWins.

Here are reasons why their almost-five-year-old marriage has transcended norms and sets new benchmarks for modern-day couplehood.

1. They do twinning in the most fashionable way...


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...and clad in "clothes that don't define gender," as Angie put it on Instagram.

Next time, Angie would "outpose" her wife, Joey, their Instagram followers won't have any reason to wonder.

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2. Nothing's stopping them from doing things that couples do, like go out on a date.

Based on the couple's Instagram posts, Joey has long accepted Angie even before her coming out.

I must say Morocco makes some awesome mojitos! #lasultana

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They go out with family and friends, with Angie showing who she really is and Joey not minding it at all.

True love and support is what everybody needs. I'm so blessed and happy to finally be real! ??????????

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They travel together a lot—from Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida to Austria to Amsterdam to Munich, to name a few.

So many cute breakfast places in #manhattanbeach #california

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3. Their support for each other is even far greater than other couples'.

Here's Angie acting as Joey's photographer.

Instagram husband at work ???? @joeymeadking #takemypicturehere #instagramhusband

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Here's Joey cheering for her husband's creations.

With Angie referring to Joey as her "rock and number one supporter" throughout her transition, that's unconditional love.

Ian may have become Angie, but she told Top Gear Philippines, "I don't hate my life as Ian."

Just like in most marriages, change is inevitable. But the good thing about this couple: Angie's love for Joey has remained constant.

4. More proofs that Angie and Joey's #LoveWins...

She prepares the model's breakfast.

Breakfast prepared with ?? Thankyou @hailtothe_king for loving me with so much patience & kindness

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She is a fan of her wife's beauty.

Loving the view @joeymeadking #Miami

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An Instagram follower of Joey commented, "I just don't f*cking understand their situation."

But Joey's one-line comment under one of her husband's posts said it all: "Love is love."


Were so happy to be free ?????????? @joeymeadking

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