Matteo Guidicelli reveals how he saves for future

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Matteo Guidicelli reveals his personal criteria for choosing the brands he wants to endorse: "You know what, before I endorse a product, I have to believe in it."

Just like most stars, Matteo Guidicelli has some guidelines before saying yes to endorsing a brand.

At the B Hotel on August 19, he told (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "You know what, before I endorse a product, I have to believe in it.

“I don’t just endorse it because they pay me.

“I have to believe in the product."

If the product is new, he needs to test it first.

Matteo resumed, "I have to know if I am capable of believing in the product.

“You know, I’m confident, I believe in it, and I use the product.”

INVESTING FOR HIS FUTURE. Aside from his talent fee as a celebrity and income from business ventures and endorsements, Matteo also invests in mutual funds, which can potentially earn more than savings.

At present, Matteo has one.

“But with this one, I’m endorsing Asset Management and to make sure that people not to be scammed.

“Mine is different.

“We’re launching Prosperity Card and everybody can invest, every Filipino, because we’ll start it only for P5,000.”

Can he say he already has "money for life"?

Matteo answered, “I think I have my pondo, I have my savings and I’m very thankful because my family is very wise with my earnings and everything.

“I try to keep it conservative.

“I’m not over the top. I’m not a billionaire, but you know, I work for my money and I try to save as much as I can.”





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