Jericho Rosales: 'Hindi lahat ng motorcycle riders sira-ulo.'

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Jericho Rosales hopes to change public perception about motorcycle riders: "Gusto ko mawala sana, hindi lahat ng motorcycle riders in Manila medyo sira-ulo."

Jericho Rosales once stopped riding his bike because he got scared of injuries.

That was in 2000, the same time he started surfing.

"I also got scared because I surf and I was getting injured, and I didn't want to break any bones," he tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an interview during the Shell Bike Fair 2016.

These days, he rides three to five times a week.

"Bumalik ako sa regular riding two years ago, it's also when I started collecting and customizing again," he says.

The newest Shell brand ambassador also reveals that his Vespa has been with him since 2005.

In the early 2000s, he also had a Yamaha YZF-R6 which he liked to use.

He has these pieces of advice to any prospective biker and his fellow riders on the road:

1. Educate yourself.

"It's a world of difference if you learn how to handle things on the bike, the different conditions, and being courteous on the road,” Jericho points out.

2. Gear up, protect yourself, be careful.

"Yung one minute na na-gain mo by being reckless is not worth it," he stresses.

3. His best tip is get the approval of the wife.

"Kung magsisimula ka, ang pinaka-main problem pag magpapaalam ka is hindi pinapayagan ang mga lalake ng asawa.

"Instead of saying, 'Can I buy a bike or ride?' Paalam ka and say, 'Can I go to school?' You'll get a bigger chance of getting a yes," he says, smiling.

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Jericho is also passionate about educating other motorists about bikers.

"I would admit that there is danger to motorcycle riding. It's dangerous. Safety is not something you disregard.

"I would suggest, make sure that your bike is in shape, check your tires, your oil," he adds.

He says people normally freak out with the idea of biking, but for Jericho, "With proper education, motorcycle riding can be your ally."

Until now, he acknowledges the fact that people don't have the best opinion of motorcycle riders.


"Gusto ko mawala sana, hindi lahat ng motorcycle riders in Manila medyo sira-ulo.

"Us responsible bikers are working hard on helping change that image of motorcycle riders by following rules, being more of a gentleman on the bike," he says with pride.





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