Leila Alcasid misses mom Michelle van Eimeren and sister Sarah

IMAGE @leilaalcasid on Instagram

Leila Alcasid, 19, left for Australia when she was four.

It's been two weeks since Leila Alcasid arrived from Australia.

On Instagram, she said she was "busy settling in."

And that, so far, she likes her new home.

She's also been happy "vlogging" with brother Nate.

And she's obviously getting along well with stepmom Regine Velasquez, who calls her "dafter."

Change brings uncertainty, of course. In her latest blog entry, Leila admits to feeling "nervous."

She writes, "New people, new language, new culture. You'll feel a little unsettled and tentative because it isn't what you're used to."

Thank god there's Face Time, a videotelephony product of Apple.

Still, she misses her mom.

"You'll be missing your family in Australia immensely. They are your security blanket—your comfort zone.

"It's okay though, because you'll Facetime them often enough that it'll probably get excessive.

"You'll realise soon enough that the concept of family transcends the bounds of distance and time; they will be there always, and they'll love you forever.

"You'll realise you couldn't be where you are without them."

Her recent post was a throwback photo of her mom Michelle van Eimeren, who joined the Miss Universe pageant here in Manila 23 years ago as Miss Australia.

Leila's timely caption: "Always my Miss Universe, mama."

A photo posted by Leila Alcasid (@leilalcasid) on

She also posted a photo of her and sister Sarah.

Her caption: "Don't grow up without me please."

But don't get Leila wrong, she's just getting used to her new environment.

On her blog, she reminds herself, "The extraordinary thing, though, is that you'll somehow also feel completely at home; a step closer to finding what it is you're set for. "





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