TWICE star Jeongyeon and Angel Locsin are crazy look-alikes

IMAGE @therealangellocsin, @twice.jungyeon on Instagram

A fan on Twitter discovers that Angel Locsin is a mirror image of Jeongyeon of the popular K-Pop girl group, TWICE.

Oh my, Darna's got a twin, a huge K-pop star at that.

Meet celebrated actress Angel Locsin's pretty look-alike, Jeongyeon, of the wildly popular girl group TWICE. The uncanny resemblance certainly hasn't escaped the netizens' notice:

We can't believe we didn't see it before.

It was the hilarious tweet by Twitter user @haojihancheol that first made us realize they actually have crazy similar features.

Both stunning, they have those near-identical smiles!

They even shared the same haircut more than once. So cool!

What do you think? Should we start clamoring for an Angel-Jeongyeon selfie to happen?

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