What wearing two-piece swimsuit means to Thea Tolentino

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Thea Tolentino is taking steps to break out of her shell: "It's my first time wearing a two-piece swimsuit without caring about anything. I just enjoyed my time on the beach. It's like I let go of a sandbag that was weighing me down."

Thea Tolentino admitted she has been suffering from low self-esteem and conquering it, slowly but surely.

On May 5, Sunday, the 22-year-old GMA-7 actress opened up about her insecurities, and attached a photo of her wearing a bikini to symbolize her resolve to overcome them.

In her Instagram post, Thea wrote, "'Stay in your comfort zone.' I stayed because I'm scared of failing.

"'Let them be/do it first.' because I don't want to humiliate myself.

"'I am weak.' That's who I am. I seek confirmation from others. I try to please others.

"I only start appreciating myself if I feel appreciated.

"I don't stand for myself. I settle for less. I mind what others might think of me.

"All of this is because I'm not confident with myself. I DON'T LOVE & TRUST MYSELF.

"I've always wanted to be brave and free but, it has been REALLY hard for me to take a step forward.


"I know that this has to stop that's why I'm trying to push myself.

"Little by little, I know I'm getting there. That cliff I'm scared to jump off of might not be as scary as I think it is.

"I wouldn't know if I don't try right? ----"

That was the reason she felt more confident wearing a bikini.

She ended her post saying, "It's my first time wearing a two piece swimsuit without caring about anything.

"I just enjoyed my time on the beach. It's like I let go of a sandbag that was weighing me down.

"That's a step up on being confident and happy with my body.

"More sandbags to go~ I can't wait to let go of everything."


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