KC Concepcion's diet not limited to food; says it also applies to "toxic situations"

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KC Concepcion says "diet" can also apply to non-food, like getting rid of toxic situations, thoughts, and people from your system.

KC Concepcion is known to radiate beauty from inside out.

It is because she pays more attention to her inner life than to her physical appearance.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, May 26, KC writes about what's important to her well-being, her way of showing others how to feel and look good at the same time.  

She says, "Although I love to be surrounded by pretty things, what matters most is what helps you glow from the inside—taking care of your thoughts, soul and body."

Pointing out that "diet" can also be applied to toxic situations, thoughts, and people, KC stresses, "Being on a diet isn’t always what you eat.

"Doesn't it also mean eliminating (or at least avoiding) toxic situations, people + thoughts from your everyday life?

"It’s actually simple. What you invest ur energy in, good OR bad, will grow.

"Everyday I try my best to watch what I think, and to stop when I feel self doubt.


"Everyday I try to surround myself with people who make me feel good, not otherwise.

"And I love being around people who I care about and admire.

"Hoping we all make it to living our best lives and get to share our energy wisely!!!"

Of late, the 34-year-old actress/entrepreneur has been focusing on Avec Moi, her own jewelry line.

Early today, May 27, KC has announced in her Instagram stories that after staying for a few months in the U.S., she is back in the Philippines.


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