Kris Bernal shares the beauty benefits of ice cubes

Kris Bernal says ice cubes has "commendable benefits for your skin."

Ice Cubes can do real wonders to your skin. It can keep your face look fresh and radiant in an instant!

Kris Bernal, who includes cold compress in her daily beauty regimen, swears by it.

According to some studies available on the Internet, the cold temperature helps reduce stress and the stretching of the skin on your face as well as it can also prevent eye bags and dark circles from becoming visible.

THE STEPS. Kris recently demonstrated on her Instagram the proper way of rubbing ice cubes on her face.


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The Kapuso star's caption read, “I rub some ice cubes all over my face before I apply makeup.

“Include this in your daily beauty regime. It has commendable benefits for your skin.

“Especially in my case that I naturally have puffy eye bags, this helps relieve tired eyes and reduces dark circles.

"Just a tip!”

REMINDERS. If you’re going to try this beauty tip yourself, don't forget these two important reminders.


1.Do not apply ice on your skin without a towel as a barrier because that may damage your skin.

2. Let the ice pack do its work on your face for about 10–15 minutes. If it starts to feel too cold, remove it and take a break for a few minutes.

The result: minimized pores!


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