Men are more vain now, agree?

Gino Quillamor (right) and Victor Basa both recognize the changing needs of men when it comes to grooming.

Vanity has been synonymous with women.

Back in the 1990s, the press made a fuss over this action star who liked wearing eye liner.

In the 2000s, another actor became the subject of a blind item because he was fond of wearing concealer.

But these days, although it still is so conventional to hear a lady say, “Ayoko sa lalaking mas maarte pa sa akin,” well-groomed guys have been setting the yardstick.

DJ/host Gino Quillamor put it this way, “Now? Yeah, for sure…

“I feel like, there’s a bigger pressure din kasi e dami nang pogi, e.”

He laughed before adding, “So siyempre lalaban ka di ba, like, you know, you see, you can’t outpogi everyone naman pero to some extent.

“Pero I feel like at least with male grooming, it’s an essential part just making yourself feel good.

“Because obviously, like, when you feel you look good and you actually feel good, then you perform better in so many aspects of your life, like talking to other people, talking to your crush or even at work, di ba?

“Parang, when you’re comfier, you feel every thing’s easier.”

Hence, health and beauty retailer Watsons dedicates this month to men’s grooming.

Its Senior Category Manager Mark Carbonel told (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “We’re seeing a lot of growth in this particular section, and that means they’re taking care of their bodies more now."

He continued, “But their shopping behavior kasi is different, e.

“We don’t really spend so much time looking at the brands, the packaging…so having this section here in Watsons exclusive to men will make things easier to find.”

Victor Basa agreed.

“It has all the men’s brands, you can easily compare, you can easily decide.”


For Gino, who described himself a “bulk shopper,” he won't have to linger.

“I go like thrice in a year to buy my grooming stuff, and it's faster to do it now.”

BASIC GROOMING NEEDS. For the longest time, men’s grooming essentials had been just shampoo, soap, and water.

But Victor, who doesn’t consider himself vain, prefers “facial wash.”

He said, “Siyempre mas oily kasi minsan yung sa face so you can’t use the body soap.”

Other must-haves for him: scrub, cotton balls, Axe Black, and gel.

Gino uses facial wash, shaving cream, sunblock, and deodorant.

He also knows which products answer his specific needs.

Example, “This Nivea na invisible na black and white kasi I’m always in black.

“This shaving cream, I also get this one kasi I have sensitive skin, for some strange reasons, it works on me.

“I like the spray on the sunblock kasi, I get like tamad to manually put it on.”

Carbonel revealed that these are men's top three most purchased products: “Deos are number one and then facial washes and then shavers.”

Good news to your husband or boyfriend, GBFs or GGFS, and brothers, these grooming essentials are 50 percent off in Watsons until June 22: Nivea Men Whitening Acne Oil Control Facial Scrub 50G, Safeguard Men Sports Energy 2 in 1 Hair + Body Wash 400 ML, and Gilette Mach 3 with Nano-Thin Blades Razor.





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