Heart Evangelista back to wearing red lipstick, and it's her own brand!


Heart Evangelista launches own line of basic lippies.

Heart Evangelista has been part of showbiz for 18 years now.

And those who followed her career would know she's kikay and remember her red lipstick.

Thus, when she released her first make-up book This is Me, Love Marie, her fans immediately grabbed a copy to try and cop her beauty looks.

Her latest project is a collaboration with local make-up brand Happy Skin.

In a sit-down interview at the launch of Happy Skin x Love Marie on July 23, in SM Makati, Heart mused on the thought of being a beauty icon.

"It kinda immortalizes me, in a way, if they remember me. Beautiful faces nowadays, dime a dozen, so many beautiful people, and, you know, time’s so fast. Sometimes when you wake up, you’re already old na.

"To be a beauty icon is really flattering.

"They kind of remember you. You only live once, and sometimes you want to make a mark.

"For me, that’s putting my drawings and my paintings on every thing."

Making on mark on "every thing" seemed plausible since Heart already had her art-meets-fashion collaboration with close friend and fashion designer Mark Bumgarner, and she transitioned into a visual artist with her hand-painted designs on Hermes and Birkins bags.

On top of that, the Kapuso actress is also set to launch her own set of perfume (with the bottles also hand-painted by Heart), an art line, a home line, a cookbook with her mom, and another art exhibit in 2017.

WHY MAKEUP MATTERS. Heart personally approached the make-up brand to launch her own line of lippies.

Founders Jacq Yuengtian-Gutierrez (left) and iMananquil-Trillo (right) were thrilled about the partnership.

Rissa remarked, "As the ultimate beauty girl, she understands the power of a good lippie."

For Heart, a good lippie means confidence.


"You want them to see you. It starts from there.

"Just maybe, don’t overdo it. I’m not for that."

She also stressed of taking good care of your skin and face.

"It’s important for me to feel comfortable about myself, so you don’t want people to look at you when you don’t have makeup, 'Ah, hindi pala siya maganda.'

"It’s just a balance, really.

"Makeup is just really to enhance, but it is important because it is the first step to making yourself feel beautiful and realize na, 'Ah, I can be beautiful pala in red lipstick.'"

But the star underlined that beauty truly begins from within.

"It’s super, duper corny or cheesy whatever, but it’s the truth. No matter how beautiful you are, if you’re unhappy, you don’t glow."

Happy Skin x Love Marie Shut Up & Kiss Me Mini Matte Lippies (P499 each) / Mini Matte Lippie Trio (P 1,299)





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