Four flattering hair colors for all skin tones

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Anne Curtis's hair color was done by Telleish Hair Studio in Melbourne, Australia.

Most women who aren't experimental with their locks are always puzzled with what hair color will suit their skin tones.

In reality, we believe that there are no rules—that if you're confident enough to go blonde, you should just go for it!

But of course, that kind of confidence takes years to build (or maybe just one day of deciding not to care anymore.)

If you don't want drastic changes that might make you regret how much you spent on your new look, it's best to work with foolproof shades.

Here's our list of the most flattering hues for your locks:

Rich Chocolate Brown: This color brings out the thickness and sheen of your locks. The richness of brown hues lights up any skin tone without trying too hard.

Honey: The amber-like shade accentuates morena, yellow, and fair skin tones. It is also a great highlighting color against chocolate brown to add dimension to an otherwise basic haircut.

Golden Highlights: Similar to honey, touches of gold can shave years off your face: nakaka-fresh!

Milky Beige: It's the cool counterpart of honey in the spectrum of light browns and blondes.

Brassy tones aren't going to be an issue as this hue cancels out the natural rust-colored undertones of Asian hair. Just be sure to maintain its cool hue with purple shampoo and sulfate-free hair products.

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