YAY or NAY: Cristine Reyes no longer a blondie; says hello to purple hair!

IMAGE @mrscristinekhatibi on Instagram

Cristine Reyes said goodbye to her blonde hair earlier today, October 19.

Over a month ago, celebrity mom Cristine Reyes dyed her hair blonde for the first time since she entered show business.

The drastic transformation was part of the star's challenge game with her sisters-in-law.

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Though her hair color earned generally-positive reviews, the Kapamilya star decided to change her hair style again.

Earlier today, October 19, she posted her new look: from blonde, she's now sporting grape-colored hair!

On Instagram, the 27-year-old actress wrote, "Purple vibes."
After posting her new look, Netizens were quick to post their comments.

At press time, her picture has generated 74,000+ likes on Facebook and 21,800+ likes on Instagram.
We still don't why she changed her hairdo again save for this comment from one of the Kapamilya star's friends.
He wrote, "I like this better, bud! Perfect for where you're going."
Is it for a project? a trip? Let's wait and see!
For now, what do you think, PEPsters? Yay or Nay?


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