Two words help Piolo Pascual look young

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Piolo Pascual: "I eat everything that's why I work out a lot."

Who would have thought Piolo Pacual will be turning 40 this January?

Those who saw him as PJ Pascual in GMA-7's youth-oriented show That's Entertainment in the 80s and those who spotted him in the movie The Vizconde Massacre would say he has never looked better.

From the "mahiyain" and "patpatin" teenage boy, he's been one of the country's top leading men for more than 15 years now.

And how does he maintain his youthful look? (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was able to catch up with the ABS-CBN hunk at the launch of Greenbelt Christmas on November 16, at the Greenbelt 3 Park, where he said that positivity has been his secret.

The important two words in his life: "Think positive" or "Be positive."

He added, "I mean we’re not young forever, always attract good vibes."

Remember that no matter how hard the situation you're in, " don’t want to be worn down, you don’t want people to just affect you in a negative way."

Like a mantra, he stressed, "So I just try to keep a positive attitude."

Meanwhile, to maintain his desired physique, he hits the gym, runs, and bikes regularly.

He said, "I exercise a lot, I sweat a lot so I can get rid of the toxins in my body."

His reward aside from his tone body: "...I eat everything. I eat everything, that’s why I work out a lot."

Is how you roll after you ball

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Lastly, "Live life to the fullest," he advised.

And be grateful, always say thank you, for whatever you have.





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