Meet Zoey Ivory, the "Single Ladies" dancer of Miss Universe 2016

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Miss Netherlands 2016 Zoey Ivory is a professional dancer.

Before Miss France Iris Mittenaere was crowned Miss Universe 2016, a candidate named Zoey Ivory, aka Miss Netherlands 2016, had unwittingly won the hearts of Netizens.

During one of the pageant's commercial breaks, Beyonce's song "Single Ladies" was played.

All 86 candidates simply stood on stage, except for the 23-year-old beauty queen who danced to the beat, enjoying herself, like no one was watching.

The video posted by RT Gundran on Facebook now has four million views, 41,057 shares, and 8,788 comments.

Did you know Zoey is a professional dancer?

Almost all her life, she has been dancing. 

In her #GetToKnowMe video posted on the official Instagram account of Miss Netherlands 2016, the alumna of the University of Education and Institute for Performing Arts said, "I didn't follow a regular education.

"I had regular classes, then I'll have to go to another school to have dance lessons until like 10 p.m."

It's no surprise she knew the dance steps of Queen Bey's famous song because, when Zoey was 17, she and her group did a routine for that song in a wedding.


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Here's her version of Michael Jackson's moonwalk.

When asked by, "What will make her stand out?"

The lady answered, "My background as a professional dancer really formed me the way I am. I have the attitude of an athlete, so I’ll always give a 101% even if I’m sick or in pain.

"It also taught me to be a fast learner, I can copy movement and manners very fast."

Because of her viral video, there's been a clamor for her to stay in the country or at least to guest on ABS-CBN's Sunday variety show ASAP.

On Twitter, she joked, "PLS ADOPT ME."

But sorry people, her flight is tonight, January 31.

On Instagram, she left a message full of gratitude.

"Oops, never thought I would go viral with my little dance in the commercial break... didn't even give a 100% more like 5.

"I was just dancing for myself hahaha!! Thanks for all your love!!


"This proves that being yourself is always the right thing to do!!!

"Dance like nobody's watching (or rather like no one's filming.... didn't know that!!) because you're amazing the way you are!!"

Thanks everyone for all the sweet messages and love I'm still getting! The girl with the natural curls and tattoos who dances to "Single Ladies" unfortunately didn't make it to the #Top13 of #MissUniverse. But I'll make the top of something else that comes on my path ? This was not my destiny, but an experience I can add to my journey! My time in the #Philippines was indescribable and I will find it hard to leave you all! ? I did not win the crown, but hopefully I've won your hearts ??Thanks everyone, keep loving yourself AND SEE YOU AT THE AFTERPARTYYYY ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? #alllllthesingleladiessss #LETSDANCE #YOUBETTERBETHERE!!! ???????? @okadamanila @nickyromero @covemanila #okadamanila #covemanila #nickyromero #zoeyivory #missnetherlands #missuniverse #missuniversenetherlands

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She didn't make it to top 13 of the Miss Universe 2016 pageant, but "the girl with the natural curls and tattoos who does crazy dances to 'Single Ladies'" is happy with what she achieved.

Zoey wrote, "This was not my destiny, but an experience I can add to my journey! My time in the #Philippines was indescribable and I will find it hard to leave you all! I didn't win the crown, but I hope that I've won your hearts.
"Thanks everyone, keep loving yourself."

Additional text: Karen A.P. Caliwara





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