Details you need to know if you're interested about Nadine Lustre's perfume

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Nadine Lustre on her own fragrance line: "When you buy the perfume, it's like literally taking me with you wherever you are."

Nadine Lustre delighted her fans on Valentine’s Day when she unveiled her own fragrance line called Luster.

Dolled up in vintage lacy lingerie, her ads reminded everyone that she's past the pa-tweetums stage.

The actress herself planned her brand's campaign, which took inspiration from “boudoir" and "18th century fashion."

Its aesthetic had the right mix of sweetness and sexiness which aptly represented Nadine’s "metamorphosis."

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In an exclusive interview with, the 23-year-old actress dished out a few details about her perfume.

As soon as her mother pitched the idea, it became Nadine's obsession while taping Till I Met You.

“I was just super inspired, that’s how I found time.

“When I’m super excited about something, I think about it a lot. It’s kind of a distraction din for me.

“In my head, I'm running through a list like, 'I need to talk to ganito, I need to talk to ganyan, this is how it should be, etc.'


“Kapag gusto mo naman talaga ng gawin, you will find time no matter what."

Every detail about Luster reflected a layer of Nadine’s character. 

Even its scent was her personal preference, "It’s very sweet and very floral at the same time. 

"Gusto ko yung mga scent na pretty sweet but floral. I don't like it fruity."

Its bottle was patterned after a "love potion or an 18th century perfume bottle."

Nadine originally wanted its design to have a "pointed bottom," but was happy with the approved bottle's gold details.


It's available for pre-order on Nadine’s site

The cost: PHP 3,000 a bottle.

She is set to release 10,000 bottles of her fragrance in March.

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