(UPDATED) What Bela Padilla does to keep her skin flawless and poreless

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Bela Padilla: "We're always under the light and we have so much makeup on every day, so I really see to it na mabusisi ako sa pagtanggal ng make-up kasi wala akong time na dumaan ng derma."

Extreme light, stress, and lack of sleep are the usual suspects of celebrities' skin breakouts.

But Bela Padilla does not seem to have a bad skin day.

On cam, her skin looks flawless; off cam, it's poreless.

At her launch as the latest endorser of KB Whitening on March 28, the 25-year-old Kapamilya detailed her beauty regimen.

1. Wash your face every night.

"Right now, I tape every day for My Dear Heart 'tapos I just finished shooting for a film.

"It's really important to wash your face at night, I mean, obviously basic dapat iyan sa tao, e.

"Parang di na dapat sabihin pero it's surprising that a lot of people don't wash their face pala at night.

"So ayun, kasi kami, we're always under the light, and we have so much makeup on every day.

"So I really see to it na mabusisi ako sa pagtanggal ng makeup kasi wala akong time na dumaan ng derma talaga.


"Every day yung work so I really have to take care of my skin."

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2. Eat healthy food.

Remember that food affects the health of your skin. If you notice, those who love eating tomatoes or carrots have this rosy glow.

Bela told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "I try to eat healthy now, parang mas conscious na ako sa kinakain ko.

"Kasi nga, napapansin ko kapag puro sweets or puro oily food, medyo it takes a toll in my skin."

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3. Have a morning beauty routine.

Bela allots extra time for washing her face in the morning.

"When you wake up in the morning, parang dapat din hindi mo isabay yung hilamos mo sa ligo mo. So I do that also, separate."

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4. Know your skin type.

Do you have oily or dry or combination (dry cheeks and oily T-zone) skin?

Consider this when buying your makeup and planning your skin care routine.


Bela, who has a combination skin, advised, "You should know makeup that's really for your skin type kasi natatanong naman 'yan e sa kahit anong makeup brand.

"I think, especially here in the Philippines, we forget to ask that.

"We live in a tropical country so that's the first thing you should ask, is it for combination skin, for oily skin, or dry skin?

"Kasi kung hindi swak yung makeup mo, it really causes problems."

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CLARIFICATION. In a separate interview with PEP contributor Jojo Gabinete, Bela clarified her earlier statement about not being able to find time for any skin treatment at a derma clinic.

She said, "Sorry, sorry...What I meant was hindi ako regular na nakakapunta sa derma dahil nagte-taping ako, pero I do go when I can.

"Yun lang, hindi rin kasi ako masyadong maarte.

"Hindi ko masyadong iniisip yung itsura ko which is wrong.

"I should be more mindful kasi nga yung sobrang pagod ne everyday ka nagte-taping."


The Kapamilya actress is presently part of the primetime series My Dear Heart.

She resumed, "Minsan, yung free days ko, itinutulog ko na lang.

"Although kapag biglang may emergency, like kapag may pimple ako or feeling ko, tumataba ako, pumupunta ako sa Nisce Skin 'N Face Clinic for RF," referring to Radio Frequency treatment which results in facial tightening.


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