Why Alexa Ilacad uses "just water" when washing her face

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Alexa Ilacad was spotted checking out some of the 200 local and global brands found at The SM Store Beauty Section in SM Makati. When asked about her must-have makeup product, she replied, "Lip and cheek tint."

As she makes her transition from adolescence to womanhood, Alexa Ilacad makes a few changes on her lifestyle.

Her pole dancing cannot be considered a serious fitness routine yet, but the 17-year-old star recently started doing it again after three of years of stopping.

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At the Glam Session event of SM Beauty Section in SM Makati, she told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and ABS-CBN reporters, “Naku fitness [routine], parang wala pa…

“I got back to pole dancing.

“I used to do that because I stopped for three years, and yun yung workout ko.”

But it’s not yet a regular part of her schedule.

“Super sometimes pag nagawa akong i-convince ni mommy,” who is her dancing buddy.

Dieting is what she wants to take a bit more seriously.

Alexa continued, “Actually, recently, I took this food intolerance diet.

“Very specific, they got my blood, it’s different from the blood type, so I found out which works for me.


"Hindi man siya super halata pero medyo mahirap kasi ako mag-lose ng weight.

“Slowly but surely.”

How many pounds has she lost so far?

“Actually, I don’t have goal. I don't care [about] the count.

“I just need to see it.

"I'm building muscle so I may be heavier than I look, so yun yung mas important sa akin.”

BEAUTY ROUTINE. The screen partner of Nash Aguas is a low-maintenance gal, describing her glam look as “super simple, fresh.”

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She added, “Yung pinaka-glam ko is with the eyeliner, but usually, cheek tint lang talaga ako.”

How about her beauty regimen, does she already have one?

“When I have pimples, I use Pond’s, but other than that…I don’t any soap on my face.

“To be honest, I don’t have any, I don’t use any soap.”

What does she use?

“Hilamos ako, water lang talaga.

“Kasi I found out that the more soap or chemical na I use, the more it irritates yung face ko kesa sa wala lang.”


Again, with “wala lang,” she meant, “Zero, clean, free, tubig lang.”


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