Two major makeup tips every woman in her 30s should know

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The best way to do makeup is to wear what best enhances your natural beauty. Renowned celebrity makeup artist Denise Ochoa shares some makeup basics for women in their 30s.

There's no shame in admitting that makeup can be addicting.

For celebrity makeup artist Denise Ochoa, the purpose of makeup is to enhance natural beauty, and that in itself is an addicting thing.

She told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during a recent one-on-one interview, "So many people are into makeup, as in.

"I think that’s why ang daming makeup artists.  For the past ten years, the makeup industry has been really increasing. It’s been getting bigger every year.

"It's so easy to like e, especially for girls.

"It’s so easy to fall in love with it because making yourself look prettier than you are, nakaka-addict siya sometimes."


Another great thing about makeup is that it has no age limitations.

While most of today's trendy looks appear to be geared towards twenty-something women, nothing can stop those in their thirties from experimenting with their own kikay indulgences.

Here are two major beauty tips for thirty-something women, from Denise's beauty bible:


Skincare is a basic must

At any age, you should never take your skin for granted.

Wearing makeup for a long period of time can do more harm than good, especially if you don't observe proper skincare afterwards.

Denise explained, "Always try to take care of your skin. Don’t abuse your skin.

"Kahit gaano kaganda yung makeup, kahit gaano kamahal yung makeup, if you don’t have a clean canvas to start with it, talagang useless."

Aside from maintaining a good skincare regimen, the celebrity makeup artist suggested having more skincare-infused makeup essentials.

"Nowadays naman maraming skincare-infused makeup.

"If you can go for makeup that has skincare infused in it, much better because sometimes you wear makeup for a long period of time.

"Never take your skin for granted, kasi beautiful makeup always begins with beautiful skin."


Know what's good for your face

The makeup industry has introduced a variety of beauty looks that range from basic and classic to high-fashion and artsy.

With a multitude of makeup trends to choose from, Denise advised to go for the look that best enhances your natural beauty.

She underlined, "What kind of look-- it’s subjective, depending on ano yung taste of tao.

"I can’t say na always wear light makeup, because some people naman also look good wearing more makeup.

"So, kapag ganun, that’s where your individuality comes out.

"I have a big respect for bloggers, but sometimes, most of their looks kasi, minsan bagay sa face nila and it might not work on you.

"So, it doesn't mean if kung maganda tignan sa kanya, for sure  maganda din sa 'yo."

For everyday makeup, the best way to wear it would always be what fits you.


"For everyday makeup, I would suggest something that makes you look beautiful rather than updated because of the trend.

"You'll know naman when you're doing the right thing when people compliment you, e. Normally sasabihin nila, 'Ay, ang ganda mo!'"

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