Bianca Manalo: "Preference ko talagang maging morena, ayoko maging maputi."


Bianca Manalo on her preference of having morena skin: "Lagi akong may tan line ng bra and underwear so alam ko, yun talaga yung gusto ko. Preference ko talagang maging morena, ayoko maging maputi."

We can't deny the Philippines' obsession with whiter skin.

Hence, for several decades now, the market has never run out of skin-whitening lotions and soaps, including glutathione.

But former beauty queen/actress Bianca Manalo prefers having bronze skin. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with Bianca at the Frontrow press launch in Salvatore Cuomo, Bonifacio Global City, last Monday, July 17.

She explained, "We're all very white in our family, like Snow White-white. Maputi kaming lahat."

But, "Ayokong maging maputi."

Her sisters Katherine, Bb. Pilipinas-World 2002, and Nichole, Miss Globe 2016 3rd runner-up, are also mestiza.

Bianca continued, "My sisters, parang ivory white, hindi ako nagbibiro!

"Mapuputi kaming lahat and ayoko. When I see myself on TV na parang sobrang puti, parang ang lamya.

"Lagi akong may tan line ng bra and underwear so alam ko, yun talaga yung gusto ko.

"Preference ko talagang maging morena, ayoko maging maputi."

SKIN TANNING. Growing up, Bianca has always had fair skin. 

Her obsession with sun-kissed skin started after her Miss Universe stint back in 2009.

Bianca flew all the way to the Bahamas, the pageant host.

She recalled, "Nag-start 'to nung nag-Miss Universe ako. Na-appreciate ko kasi sa Bahamas ako nag-compete nun, e.

"So beach din, di ba?

"Nung umitim ako dahil one month kami sa Bahamas, nung naging tanned... or the more tanned I get, na-enjoy ko yung balat ko and parang simula nun, ayoko nang pumuti."

A few years later, she had to whiten her skin because of an endorsement deal. But after her contract ended, she worked on having morena skin again.


Bianca recounted,"Nagpaputi ako nung 2011 because I had an endorsement 'tapos ayun, ang puti-puti ko!

"Two years ko yun endorsement and after, nagpaitim ako ulit."

And what's her secret to achieving her bronze glow? A tanning oil from Brazil, the home country of her boyfriend Fabio Ide.

Bianca revealed, "Nagpunta kami ni Fabio sa Brazil, and I bought eight bottles of tanning oil.

"Yung tanning oil kasi sa Brazil, kahit ten minutes ka lang under the sun, umiitim ka na.

"Ewan ko, may magic ang products sa Brazil so yun yung ginagamit ko pangpa-itim."

But despite her love for morena skin, the 29-year-old Kapamilya star never forgets to wear sunblock each time she does sunbathing.

She explained, "May history kami ng skin cancer so yung family ko, worried lang sa akin...

"If you go under the sun, you have to use sunblock, yung mataas yung UV protection kasi nga it's not a joke.

"My grandma, from my mother side, died of skin cancer, so yun lang inaalala ko.

"Pero other than that, wala naman."

After a few minutes under the sun, she also puts on some lotion to hydrate her skin.

She said, "Every time after sun bathing, I put lotion sa dry areas."





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