Rachel Peters reveals game plan for winning Miss Universe crown

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Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters on celebrating individuality: "I think that in this industry, it's really easy to lose yourself with all the stuff going on. So I think I'm really trying to stay true to myself no matter what happens."

Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters got to where she is now with a clear aim and a solid plan.

But the beauty queen is not one to dismiss help when she needs it. In fact, Rachel confesses to needing assistance when it comes to the styling department.

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) sat down with her at the unveiling of a flagship store of a well-known pizza chain, of which Rachel is the new brand ambassador.

We asked her about her fashion philosophy. Rachel was quick to point out that she's not too keen on the latest fashion trends.

She admitted, “Honestly, no.

“I kinda have a hard time with it, that's why I have a lot of people helping me with my styling.”

She also revealed that she doesn’t always know everything about makeup.

“Makeup is actually something that I’ve not always been into, but since joining Bb. Pilipinas, I’ve done a lot of training and even more so when we won, and we're preparing for a pageant.

“So, only recently have I really gotten into makeup.

“Like going for dinner, I’ll do makeup ‘cause I know I need to practice.”

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IN FOCUS. Rachel went on to relate the many different trainings she undergoes to prepare for what could be one of the most important milestones in her life.

“As a beauty queen, training for your contest has so many aspects.

"There’s body, like working out, diet."

The beauty queen continued, “There’s Q & A."


“All of us meet, like for personality development, hair, and makeup.

“That’s a big one for me. I train as often as possible. ‘Cause it’s all separate training.”

Amid all the rigorous requirements, Rachel doesn’t lose sight of what’s most important—winning the crown not only for herself but more importantly for the country she will be representing.

“It will be a great achievement for me because honestly, I still can’t wrap my head around the idea that I’m gonna be representing the Philippines in Miss Universe.

“Like it’s a really big deal, and my advocacy throughout Binibini and now is to celebrate your individuality,” she explained.

“I think that in this industry, it’s really easy to lose yourself with all the stuff going on.

“So I think I’m really trying to stay true to myself no matter what happens.

“Like at the end of the day, it’s my journey.

“I want to have fun. I want to grow,” she continued.

 “Of course, it would be a huge honor. It will be a really nice platform to be able to promote and celebrate your individuality,” the beauty queen added.





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